Saturn SGL Library

I've downloaded a so called "Saturn Compiler", it includes all the SGL libraries, at least, it has some header files named sega... and sgl.h, but I just can't adapt the Tutorial, which link, was posted in this group, to my directory tree, (I've already modified the setenv.bat), my problem is the makefile, I can compile it, but it gives an error when linking, something about the /common directory...

I guess my problem is that I have downloaded the Compiler and libraries, on the same file, could you tell me where I could get ONLY the SGL libraries?

(the tutorial also refers to an "examples" directory, i dont have that one!)

BTW, I've downloaded it from
The link on saturndev says it's a source of saturn code. It's hosted on webjump, and it's deadly slow to DL. We really could use a mirror of it, but it's sutch a huge file.

The "common" directory is mentioned on the second tutorial. It's a part of the SGL 2.0

That sgl.h you have it's something I call SGL1.0. It provably only works on the dev kits.
Using that for downloading is definitely impossible!

Could someone do me a favor and upload it to better location?

How huge is this file??

I REALLY want that thing!!

I really can't recall, it's around 15Meg, i think.

I'd upload it, but the fact is that I unzipped the SGL code over the Saturn compiller, mixing them up permanently.

Anyway, he's right. Can't one of the Hosters host those files for us?
Thanks anyway TakaIsSilly, but I still need that files!

The fact is that I have started writing a text based, adventure game, and I want to test it!!

PLEASE someone upload it!!

I am uploading it...

and maybe you will get a bit more than you wanted =)

I will let you know when the Cable modem is finished.