Saturn suddenly died...

Lo fellow Sega fans,

Last week I brought my Saturn to a friend to program our contest entry. When I got there I decided to undo my 60hz mod, which mainly was a piece of metal taped over the JP1 contacts. I put my Saturn back together but I noticed the CD wasn't spinning. So I took the whole shebang apart again and reassembled it, and behold, it worked fine again.... for a few minutes. My Saturn suddenly died, and the power LED wouldn't come on again! After endless tinkering we gave up. I got home today and got out my multimeter, and I measured the voltage on the pins of the PSU. I got 0.00v! Apparently my PSU is dead... is there some way to fix it?

By the way, my Saturn is a PAL model 1, MK-80200-50.
sorry to hear that man, that sucks. I had a problem with my saturn a couple of weeks ago, 1 day it just stopped reading cds, then it stopped spinning them, then it just plain wouldn't power on :( I left it for a few weeks and when I got around to thinking about fixxing the sucker it miraculously worked again :blink: I'm not complaining or anything, it was just weird though :)

Maybe your saturn just needs some time alone?


p.s. good luck in the contest :cool:
hehe, well it'll be no contest entry for me I'm afraid :(

Btw, what exactly is the fuse on the PSU? Is it the tube-shaped thing with the colored rings around it?
Whoopie! I have found a fuse marked F1 on the PSU board and it's impedance is infinite (higher than 200k Ohm according to my meter). I shorted it with a little wire and now it FRICKEN WORKS AGAIN! :D :D :D




aight, 5 days left for the contest...
wonder what will happen though when there's a short now, as the fuse has been bypeassed :huh:

I need to replace it of course but I can't get the old one out, it's like lodged between two cup-shaped metal things. How do I do that?
You'll probably need to de-solder the two things holding it in and replace the lot.

With the fuse 'enhanced' like it is, you're more likely to do some physical damage if you were to short something within the Saturn again.

There's a remote possibility that it could catch on fire.