[Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?


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Hey, everyone.
Does anybody know how to restore a TP saved game on the special pink memory backup cartridge it came with? (or does anybody have a dump of the said game?)

I need it, because I bought the CIB copy of Tamagotchi Park and it was delivered yesterday, but sadly the memory cartridge it came with was empty - and from what I gathered from the manual/warning screen, the game CANNOT be saved, unless a TP saved data is already on the cartridge (that's why it was bundled with one). It even came with a little flyer specifically stating not to format the cartridge/delete the data on it.

If you know how to restore that data, or have a save dump, which could be used with the Save Manager, please do let me know!


I did a quick look on Pseudo Saturn Kai Save Data Manager, but couldn't find the save you're looking for.
I actually own a pink memory cartridge with (IIRC) Tamagotchi Park written on it ... unfortunately it contains unrelated (date simulation game ^^; ) save data :/

If somebody still have this memory cartridge with the appropriate save inside, please let us know :) If save data donator don't have anything to dump the data, I can give some hand too.