Saturn to DC adapter and Action Replay for sale

So I have a Total Control 3 for the Dreamcast that allows any Saturn pad to be used on the DC even the twin sticks for games like Virtua on. I also have a Saturn Virtua stick arcade style stick I am trying to part with, it is an official Sega one and very durable. $40 for the pair shipped or $20 for the adapter alone. This is the one that has the pause button and VMU slot. I used it for a while till I got an official DC arcade stick and both are in great shape. The arcade stick is an 8 button with rapid fire for shooters and works great. This is a great opportunity to get an arcade feel for the Saturn and the DC in one punch.

I also just got the Saturn three region switchless mod installed on my Saturn so I no longer need my Action Replay so it is up for grabs also. It is in perfect shape and less than three months old. It is also the newest version that is capable of playing Vampire Saviour as the older ones with the comm port have to have a modification in order to boo that game. Looking for $20 shipped for that. All items are loose without boxes. Shipped prices are for USA users only. If outside of there please PM me and I will provide proper shipping quote.


Total Control 3


Virtua Stick but it is the grey Japanese import


Action Replay new model without com port [Manu. 2006] (label with date on cart)