Saturn Twin Stick on DC


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I'm thinking about getting some Saturn Twin Sticks to play on both my Saturn and DC. I have a Saturn to DC adapter already.

Are the Twin Sticks analog? If so, I thought the adapter didn't support analog controls (like the Saturn 3D controller).

However, if the adapter does support analog controls, would a PSX/PS2 Dual Shock work for Virtual On? (My adapter works for PSX controllers too)

Sorry for the mess of questions, but hopefully I can get some advice
I can't answer your other questions but I can tell you that there is only ONE particular SS-to-DC adapter that works with the Saturn twinsticks (they're a rather special kind of analog controller). That would be the Dream Connection 3-in-1. Not the 2-in-1, and I don't think the 4-in-1 either although that's where I could be wrong.

I own the DC3in1 and the twin sticks btw and therefore speak from experience.
It was posted many moons ago, that the Twin Sticks are NOT analog. They are just a remapped Saturn controller.

left stick > d-pad

right stick > A, B, X and Y buttons (or is it B, C, Y and Z?)

triggers > the remaining buttons

So there's no magical trick in it, and you could even build on yourself, if you have the proper gear lying around. But to properly use it on the DC, you'd need to configure the in game controls so they'd match the twin sticks.
Medion is right. D'OH. My apologies, I don't know what made me think of the twin sticks as analog; after all, they do have audible microswitches. And they just scream "digital."

Say, are you the same Medion from the ClassicSega hub?
so would anybody recommend me putting out $50 or whatever for them? Is Virtual On that much fun with them?