Saturn VCD?

Yes, with the aid of a VCD card which goes into the slot in the back where the battery is. If you decide to get a VCD card, be aware that they (usually) are region-coded.
I see no reason why reading VCDs would be worse for the laser than a game, a CD is a CD. Dunno what brands to get or where to buy from. Lan-Kwei carries one model.
I have got the Official US NTSC Version, it works good, but only with NTSC VCD as well as XVCD.

Victor made one, as did Hitachi, however id steer cleaf of any other brands as they are crap

Another thing to be aware of is that the Hitachi card is a twin operator, that is, it operates with PAL and NTSC as well as Photo CD.

HEad over to for a good FAQ about the Saturn VCD cards as well as the XVCD format. There is also a page called "Assembler" that has a good section about how crap a no-brand VCD card can be, i think that the URL is...
I Just looked at Lan-Kwei ( and they had a third party one, that i would steer clear of. Gamechoice club seem to have one. (, however it is a victor one, but these are still good. The model number is RG-VC3. I'd check it out in that FAQ first to make sure it suits your need, but i think that it is a twin operator card.

I have dealt with lan-kwei before and found them to be a pain in the ass. I havent dealt with gamechoice before, but whenever ive emailed them, they've been quick with their responses.

Other than these sites, you could check or Ebay, but beware of shitty cards on ebay.