Saturn won't load anything!

Saturn won't load anything!

Hi all,

I posted a message like this even on the other sections "Tech" and "SegaCD" so I beg your pardon about this sort of crossposting, but I'm in desperate need of help!!

I have a Saturn (ok, two Sega CDs too) which at sudden started having the ACCESS light blinking and won't load any cd. I worked flawlessly just two days before as the two SegaCD units did, and then, when I switched them on, I saw the light blinking with no way to load any CD.

if you can, plz help

Saturn won't load anything!

Did you just get a bunch of faulty consoles and are trying to fix them?

If not, you've probably just had the worst run of luck that I've ever heard of.

2 Sega CDs and a Saturn dying at once... ???
Saturn won't load anything!

If the drive won't even spin, it's fried. My Saturn did that, so I DESTROYED it.
Saturn won't load anything!

Actually you are totally wrong there. I bought a used saturn for 20 bucks at a pawn shop, and it was working fine. I decided to do the cd-rw adjustment to the laser, but it didn't work, so i set it back to what i thought was the correct setting, anywho, eventually the saturn stopped spinning the cds, yet the laser still worked. I thought i fried it, so i opened it up, and fiddled with the power, and finally figured it out. Also the main problem was the spindle that the cd's sit on wasn't CLOSE ENOUGH to the laser, so it caused it to be unable to read the cd's. So I pried the spindle out, and put it back on, and it's been working ever since.

MY friend's saturn stopped spinning discs aswell, and i spent about 20 mins messing around with it like I did mine, and i got it working again. So Just because it ain't workin, don't mean it cannot be fixed..
Saturn won't load anything!

Maybe the wall plug you pluged them into killed them... Was it the same plug?

Maybe it's not giving enough power?

Or maybe it gave too much and fried them.
Saturn won't load anything!

You'd think that a bad power lead or bad power supply would kill the unit completely rather than only impair it's function.

Does it still spin CDs? Does it read audio CDs?

It is weird that it has happened to three different CD based consoles within a short period of time...