Scariest Games....

I'm on a quest to find a play some the scariest gamed ever made...platform is no issue, so guys, what are some of the scariest games you have ever played?
Good Call SegaSquad beat me too it

Fatal Frame, R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital *Rare Saturn Import* Everyone dying in a hospital getting murdered good stuff
, Silent Hil 1-3, Any Resident Evils but I am real tired of those heh.
I'm playing thru the first Silent Hill since evryone tells me the game is disturbing but I wasn't aware there was a THIRD one in the series...when did that come out?

Also, whats this Fatal Frame and what system?

Any other games guys?
Silent Hill 3 is not out in the US yet it is to be arrived on 8/5/2003 and they are taking preorders now.

Fatal Frame is a game that utilizes taking pictures of ghosts/souls to capture them. It is set in spooky dark and has weird ambient noises and effects and its very real.
Aliens vs Predator: Human species - "Ah shit! Get it off me! Get it off me!" [fires wildly with pulse rifle]
The first Silent Hill definately, not really crap yourself scary but uber-sinister.

For crap yourself scary, it'd have to be Aliens vs Predator on PC. Particularly when you're the marine and the only noise you can hear is your radar.
Originally posted by Daniel Eriksson@Jun 18, 2003 @ 07:03 AM

What system is Fatal Frame for?

Fatal frame is for ps2 and xbox.

Good call curtis, i was going to add that. I was scared out of my mind when playing as the human in Aliens Vs Preditor. Havn't played the sequel yet though.
there really isn't many truly insane scary games, and I don't know why that is...

We have dosens of scary movies, but no real good scary games?

Where is like intense murder and scaryiness in a game?
the silent hill games didnt scare me so much although the resident evil remake and zero did (probably because they were/are kinda fresh and different from the originals i trounced so much).

but yeah fatal frame. this game actually spooked me out. seriously, play in the dark with a good sound system. i think its scary because you dont have any weapons and the ghosts come thru the walls for you.

enemy zero is equally "creepy" since you cant see the enemy.

ive played part of clock tower 1. scissorman is badass.

ive got the euro import of silent hill 3 on the way. im hoping it rekindles my interest in the series because i thought 2 was REALLY easy.

and curtis, is that AvP game the pc fps game that came out? ive yet to try that one.
yea I forgot about the clocktower series... Clocktower 2 the struggle within is actually suspenseful... When you hear those scissor blades and he is coming it freak the hell out of you...

One time I had a save a long time ago where I messed up and I was stuck in the Boiler room up top in the clock and I was trapped and I knew he was going to come each time... Scary as shit!
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Jun 18, 2003 @ 11:19 PM

System shock 2 for the pc.

Another good call!

The only thing scary about the Clock Tower series IMO is the fact that they were ever made..
Originally posted by Resident_Lurker@Jun 18, 2003 @ 11:45 AM

Friday the 13th on NES.

HEHE, yeah, when i was a kid that game was the scariest thing to play late at night... it still is kind of scary when he pops out of nowhere.
heh sounds like its time to recap that feeling

*goes and digs up his old FT 13th cart*

*stops and just plays it on Nester instead*