SCART cables and white noise

My TV is hooked up to my Saturn via a SCART cable, but formerly it was via an S-video cable. While the improvement in picture quality is wonderful, I have noticed that there is an increase in audio "white noise" with the change in cables. Particularly when the screen is mostly white, such as during the "Treasure" logo display at the beginning of Radiant Silvergun, the noise gets very loud. This suggests to me that some kind of interference is occurring across the different signal lines.

However, my SCART cable happens to be a 3rd party Chinese cheapo-model, and I had the idea that maybe 1st party SCART cables don't have this same kind of noise, or at least not to the same degree. In my case, we're talking way more than the usual electric hum that you get from most anything wired into your stereo.

Can anyone who has compared the sound of an official SCART cable to a 3rd party one, or just an official cable to an S-video cable, comment on the degree of noise that you have heard? I would be very interested in buying an official cable if the sound issue was fixed, however, since they are rare and expensive, I'd really rather not bother there is no significant difference.

Get a new cable, that is just bad craftsmenship. You are right about the interference and a properly made cable in good condition won't have that issue.
All righty, I'll see what I can do. I may just have to try a different kind of cheap chinese cable, though. Official ones are pretty hard to find. Thanks for your help!