SCART Cables..


I just recently bought myself a SCART cable to replace my damaged RF Unit. It's a third party one and it says on the side of the box 'RGB SCART for Sega Saturn'. Is this the correct type of SCART cable for my Euro/PAL Saturn?

The reason I ask is because when I use it, Red, Green and Blue colours in games are enhanced to much and makes the game look '****'. Plus, the sound isnt correct, there a loud 'Buzzing' noise mixed in with the main music/SFX. The buzzing mainly happens when Bright or large solid colours are displayed on screen... the buzzing goes when the screen is black.

So, can anyone suggest a better SCART cable? Or should I buy another RF Unit?

By the by, did Sega ever release an official SCART cable from thereselves?
well, in fact, the european saturns came with a rgb scart cable right away.

try opening up the scart connector and solder a 75 ohm resistor on each of the R, G and B lines. that should fix the brightness problem.