SCDconv in Windows XP


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The usual with DOS based programs, window pops up and closes in a second. Tried dragging and dropping the iso onto it with the same result and tried all compatability modes.

Anyone got any ideas?

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. I only just got XP (hopefully won't have it long) and after messing with DOS patches for ME, I didn't think it'd be so easy to get to.

i'm havin sorta the same problem. I just got a famicom disc system emulator and it's dos. never really used dos too much. How do i open it without it closing in a second?
go to start>> programs >> accessories>> command prompt, most likely the default directory will be c:\documents and settings\yourname\

if you type "cd.." that will take you up a directory

so it will look like this c:\documents and settings\

type it again and it will be c:\

and if you want to change directorys you type "cd windows"

i used windows as a example folder name and you do the same again if you want to move into another folder obivously the name will be different and once you are in the folder which holds your program type the filename of the program in and hit return and thats it.

the good old dos days
i know you are, so am i right click on the start bar and choose properties then click on the start menu tab in the window that pops up and choose classic start menu then click ok
Gallstaff, follow the instructions in Arakon's message, or press the win+r keys to open the Run menu.

Oh, and this probably should go into the bitching forum, but it's a command prompt, not a DOS prompt. This is NT, no DOS involved. CMD.EXE can do many things COMMAND.COM can't.