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Any of you guys have an cool yet easy idea for a science report? I have very little free time as is (have time to check mail, this site, and that's it). It can be videogame related but doesn't have to be. Any help you guys have at all would be great, thanks guys.
what school level

does it have to be computer related

how are your programing skills

and what is your budget

i can recomend some cool projects but they invole like 75 - 100$
ahh i shouldnt of even asked that because i think even gramar school kids should be able to build a moisture sensor or a breathalizer or something like that - it just takes patientce so if you want some easy cool ideas like that i have pleanty

or you can be fancy and make up a bullshit cool sounding project where you say im studying the robot mind and you get a bunch of identical mouse type bots and trace thier paths starting from one or multiple start points and come up with some kind of explination thats sounds like your philisophical -- i dont think that will win you anything but it may sound impressive to some

i knew this guy that did a similar project like that where he took a robot family of mouse type bots (basicaly they were decreasing in size and one folowed another. i dont know exactly what the point was but it might have been to see if one got lost would they all beable to get back together using thier extreamly simple logic and compare them to people) - i don't exactly remember but i think one of his things for a futre version was to compare diferent logic systems -- i thought it was retarded -- i dont know what happended with it

or how about something like my sister did in 8th grade get some baby plants and set them up the the same environment just feed them diferent shit and like tap water spring water distilled water dish water and some other kind of poluted water and show effects of polution and tap water in your area
I know a guy who made something that looked really cool but really had no point. He took a 2 liter pop bottle, and poked a hole in the bottom of it. He wrapped the bottle horizontally with aluminium foil, and put the 2 liter pop bottle on a motor that he plugged into the wall. Then he has two pieces of wire or something that were right beside the left and right side of the 2 liter pop bottle. He had a switch hooked up to a battery, and the 2 pieces of wire that were beside the 2 liter pop bottles aluminum foil. He plugged in the motor, turned it on, and the 2 liter pop bottle started spinning. He then turned on the switch that was connected to the car battery, and voila, electricity show. The faster the motor, the more electricity. Also He had a cover that he put over the whole thing, and it seemed to work better with the glass cover over it. Anyways here is a picture of it.
A junior in Highschool now. and just a new note, needs to relate to chemistry sumhow. I am looking for sumthin that can be done in like 2 maybe 3 days max. No need to impress just sumthin that I can follow all the steps with and isn't too off the wall. Budget, maybe like 10 dollars. <-------poor ass.
dont knoe what the hell you can do with 10$ except buy some samples of powder draino and bleach -- if you mix those together you get an exothermal reaction

also --- Chemistry? what does that have to do with video games (you said can be video game related )

how about a study on how gasoline is made or rocket fuel

or the procces of making silicone microchips there is plenty of info on that

or electricity from chemicals

or ceramics

how about explaining how ultraviolet light can cause a substance to harden so it can be used as an opticaly clear adhesive

or this would be cool look up smart hydrogel (its still being developed)
You could do something about the volume reduction that occurs when combining water and alcohol. I think this is due to hydrogen bonding, but I'm not entirely sure. Quite simply, if you mix alcohol (99% isopropyl is cheap and should be easily found at any pharmacy or the pharmacy section of a supermarket) and water (you could use distilled water but it's not necessary just to demonstrate the effect), the combined volume is substantially less than the combined individual volume of each. That is, if you were to combine half a liter of alcohol and half a liter of water, the combined solution is substantially less than one liter. It's not terribly impressive, but I think it meets your criteria.
Try this: Conduct a study on how long it takes household acids to clean a dirty penny. There is some chemistry involved with it. If you can, try to use different a couple of strong acids and a couple of weak acids. Record your results and hand it in
Originally posted by gofamon@Aug. 30 2002, 7:30 pm

Try this: Conduct a study on how long it takes household acids to clean a dirty penny. There is some chemistry involved with it. If you can, try to use different a couple of strong acids and a couple of weak acids. Record your results and hand it in

Don't forget to use a can of coke and a can of pepsi to compare results... mr pibb and dr pepper also work for this...

i did a project with 6 pennies that were all about the same kind of dirty

1 in coke

1 in pepsi

1 in sprite

1 in 7up

1 in mr pibb

1 in dr pepper

you can do one in water also

leave them each in the liquid for a few hours, make sure all

are in for the same time period though

the results were pretty interesting and made me think twice about drinking soda
Damn, those last three sound pretty good. Easy too. I like the exploding bottle one just cuz it would be cool but I really like excyber's and cynn's. Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it.
so all that did was make sparks?

whats the point?

Well what do you expect hehe. Yeah pretty much, but it looked Hella Kewl. Like i said, there really wasn't a point to it, but if your interested in making some people scared to shit, then why not haha
so have you decided on something? or was there no "cool" sugestion by ne1

i think any type of project that centers around observation (like the polution thing i mentioned) will get a good grade (even if you make up all the data - which im not saying should be done for a quick fix)
Nah, I'm still thinking. It doesn't really have to be good to get me a good grade. She just mainly wants us to do one and follow the steps.
Originally posted by googlefest1@Sep. 03 2002, 8:57 am

i heared that here in the U.S. state cops carry 2 - 2 liter bottles of coke in their cars to wash blood away from car accidents

nope, they don't.
i don't know--- ive heared that from a few different unrelated people here also in drivers ed

mabey its bullshit but certainly i wouldn't be surpised