Translation Dragon ball Shin Butoden(SEGA Saturn)

Hello, for some time now, I've been working on a game, and after a few weeks of research, I managed to get hold of the headers and compressed files. Indeed, all the images are compressed using an algorithm developed by "TOSE".
Here's a description and examples of compressed and decompressed files.
09 03 0F 00 C0 00 18
A description of the header: 09 represents 900 in hexadecimal (decompressed), C0 corresponds to 192 (resolution L), and 18 corresponds to 24 (resolution H).
So it seems that this compressor is some kind of custom LZ algorithm.
For example, if you modify 4440 to 4139 in the compressed file, the entire decompressed file has the values 4440 replaced by 4139. We've tried to understand the compression with the help of several people, but to no avail... (there is no palette, it's elsewhere). The images are either 4 bits or 8 bits, and in the provided examples for files 1 and 2, they are 4 bits.
If any of you have an idea about the type of compression used (I've tried around 20 compressors/decompressors), I would be grateful for your input.
Thank you, and I hope that's clear enough. :)

I have already upgraded the original video. It's now in fullscreen, with higher frame rate and significantly improved sound quality.

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Yes I continue Dbz, it was enough to find the solution for the sprites of this game and it's good.

The videos are upgraded but that was not the goal.

When I finished deep fear, there is still a lot of work on deep. It will take time.