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I must say this was pretty sneaky, overall useless, but very sneaky of them to do. Heres to good luck when the sound when I get back home (or on friday if I am too sleepy when I get home). Night, and good luck.
Sigh, I tried four seperate hex editors, every single one crashed my pc when I tried to cut the data of the previous video. On some I can safely delete it, but when I cut it (to paste it in a new blank file, dont forget its made up of several seperate movies) it always instantly freezes my pc. Suggestions anyone? Or anyone know a good Hex Eidtor for Win98 that can cut LARGE chuinks of data (20 to 50 megs) and paste them in blank files? (And preferably lets you search in ASCII mode)


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All Windows hex editors I've seen have made a copy of the file you want to edit either on startup or when you save. If the file is big this takes an eternity. I have edited CD images with Hex Workshop and lots of patience, but under W2K. (Oh, if someone would port khexedit to Windows..)

You could also make a program that reads foo bytes starting from offset bar and writes them to file baz. You can use the hex editor you have to get the offsets and extents.


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Good intuitive thinking, Cyber Akuma.

[ HEX offsets ]

  1. 0x0000000 - 0x11A17FF
  2. 0x11A1800 - 0x2D52FFF
  3. 0x2D53000 - 0x3EFFFFF
  4. 0x3F00000 - 0x57EBFFF
  5. 0x57EC000 - 0x68B6FFF
  6. <font color=yellow>0x68B7000 - 0x84B0FFF</font>
  7. 0x84B1000 - 0x9488FFF
  8. 0x9489000 - 0xA300FFF

[ DEC offsets ]

  1. 000000000 - 018487295
  2. 018487296 - 047525887
  3. 047525888 - 066060287
  4. 066060288 - 092192767
  5. 092192768 - 109801471
  6. <font color=yellow>109801472 - 139137023</font>
  7. 139137024 - 155750399
  8. 155750400 - 170921983

Once you know the offsets, dump the videos (e.g., video #6) as follows:
  1. Open F33ED.CPK
  2. Define block
  3. Go and check starting offset
  4. Go and Check ending offset
  5. Copy block into new file

; Generated by WIN-SFV32 v1.1a on 1998-08-20 at 14:58.26


; 170921984 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED.CPK

; 18487296 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_01.CPK 1:19

; 29038592 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_02.CPK 1:50

; 18534400 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_03.CPK 1:15

; 26132480 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_04.CPK 1:45

; 17608704 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_05.CPK 1:12

<font color=yellow>; 29335552 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_06.CPK 1:57</font>

; 16613376 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_07.CPK 1:15

; 15171584 14:58.26 1998-08-20 F33ED_08.CPK 1:10


F33ED_01.CPK 837803C2

F33ED_02.CPK 89E2BA22


F33ED_04.CPK B19E00A9

F33ED_05.CPK BD5425DD

<font color=yellow>F33ED_06.CPK 32D52401</font>

F33ED_07.CPK 511ADC6F

F33ED_08.CPK 02ECC80F
Heh, didnt completely understand that actually but it looks like you basically told the program to dump that chunk out into a new file one section at a time by defining each chunk one by one right?

And was you able to get the sound? Personally I am actually happy they included the intro in the beginning because now I can compare it with the real intro and see what the differences if any are in case theres no sound.

I just extracted the video only of the intro they put in the beginning, even though it is the same intro the file is 18 megs less, I am guessing the sound is either stored somewhere else in the file or in a different file altogether. This will make things much harder, especially if we cant find any hints of where the sound is stored >.<

Ideas/Suggestions anyone?
Yep, I just extracted them all. The video is fine but completely soundless. The ending seems to have different versions depending who was with you or how well you did. I guess that explains why its cut up.

The intro file in the ending is 18 megs while the original intro is like 26 megs, Looks like it loads the sound from elsewhere unless its super-hidden in the file.