Sega Arcade game

I remember playing an arcade game when i was very young. Im unsure of all everything I remember but it was a game with four player action everything joystick was different color. I think it was a sega game but im unsure. there was little characters with jetpacks that would fly up and down the screen shooting things down. I remeber one of the characters was black with black sunglasses. does anyone what im talking about?
the 4 players confuse me, otherwise I´d think it was Forgotten Worlds, also known under a different name I just forgot. Did the characters turn their weapons individually compared to the direction in which they were heading?
Im only 18 years old i dont remember much, im guessing this is it. but i remember the characters where smaller and wore jumpsuits. does anyone know where i can find a list of all the sega arcade games ever made?

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the game is definately Quartet (or Quartet II).. I remember it well.. The arcade across from my high school had a copy where the front joystick panel was loose. It was a three person operation, my buddy would watch out for the arcade owner, while another would help lift the edge of the panel up, while I (with my inborn sense of things video gamey) would reach in and tap the credit switch (button) a few hundred times.

We played the #### outta that thing for months with noone the wiser.. Those were the days..

The game had 4 people, red yellow blue and green, and they'd jump/fly around with their jetpacks shooting stuff.. They'd power up with these power-ball deals, so long as it matched their color (ie; red guy collects red balls)

I know it was emulated by the system16 emu, and i'm 99.999% certain mame emulates it too.. Though nothing can emulate the sheer thrill i got out of feeling aorund for that credit switch:)

they made a killin off me on street fighter ii, mario, superman, xain'd sleena, etc.. dont feel bad for the money they lost on quartet, feel bad about me banging the owners daughter at a bush party, but thats another story for another day.. actually that is the story..