Sega CD BIG help needed

Hi all,

this is my first post here, and I dunno why I didn't hink about you guys: I searched all over the net to solve this. I hope you can help...

I have two SegaCDs (one is a NTSC model 2, the other is a PAL model 1) which, suddently, doesn't load any CD. They have the "ACCESS" light blinking, and when you put the CD in it starts looking for the CD (the model two I can hear doing something, not for the model 1) and then the message on screen says "NO CD".

Do you know what can I do to solve this big problem? I have too many games I like to play on these machines, I can't leave them this way.

Thanx again

P.S. I have a Jap saturn (model HST-0001, the first grey one) which at sudden started doing the SAME thing ???
only post 1 time, in the proper forum. make an educated guess as to which one that is.

i've already answered it there, and all further replies should be redirected there, in the General Forum.