Sega CD ( CUE, ISO, MP3 )

I usualy figure things out with trial and error and then go to the FAQs if it does not work ..... so Ii did that and tried different guides and tried different programs .... but none worked.

- JVC X'EYE ( Sega CD )

- LG 8x burner

- 200mhz PC

- Nero and CDRWIN work fine with other CD images for buring for me

I have tried to convert the MP3s to WAVs. I tried playing with the settings and tried different program, I went and redid the CUE files with Sega Cue maker ... etc. etc.

Does anyone else have the LG 8X burner and what program do you use and what are the step by step instructions? Some burners are picky ( incompatible ) with some software .... is there a magic match for the LG in terms of software for it ( what is the original software that coems with it )?
Yeah, any more information about the game and what it does (or doesn't do) when you try to load it would help.
i have couple of games ( snatcher is one of them ) and i have wasted about 6-9 CDs already trying different FAQs and websites

I will try it on another CD burner, maube it will work