sega cd emulation

can anyone tell me why, when i try to play a game on gens, it either says, external ram cart has not been formated yet. and when i do doesnt go past this screen. or when i play some games it gets to the main title screen, and never goes past. i have a falcon mach v so i know it isnt my pc. please help you guys
to format the mem.when the sega cd title screen is showing,(the bit where the logo spins)press the c button.then select the options i think it is.the prob with the games could be anything from your pc not being supported to the mp3 files not being named correctly.becouse if the mp3 files aint named right,most games just hang.
well the file name is lunar.iso...and the mp3s are lunar02.mp3 and so on...isnt that right...??..if not let me know ...thanks alot for your help...
you format the RAM cart?

press the Genesis's A button when no game is loaded.

format the RAM cart, and choose to use the largest available RAM cart size (in Gens menu) (this is is Gens.txt which seems almost nobody reads)

you do have the names correct





remember, the name is CaSe-sensitive




will not be paired.
with gens, i think the naming convention is lunar.iso, then lunar 01.mp3 (be sure that space is in there), etc.
From Gens.txt

* Running a Sega-CD/Mega-CD Game from a CD image/Mp3 file:


Gens also supports CD images (backups) in .iso/.bin/.raw format with .mp3

audio. It is recommended that when using CD images that you have both the CD

image and the correct .mp3 files available as many games will not run if the

audio tracks aren't present.

For Gens to correctly identify any .mp3 audio tracks for your CD images they

have to be placed in the same directory as the CD image file with the same

file name as the CD image followed by a track number. For example if you are

using a CD image called Blaster.iso with three .mp3 files you would need to

put all the files in the same directory and rename them like this:


Blaster 02.mp3

Blaster 03.mp3

Blaster 04.mp3

There are a couple of important points to remember when setting up your CD

images & .mp3 files for use with Gens:

* The CD Image should NOT be numbered, it won't work if you have

"Blaster 01.iso" instead of "Blaster.iso"!

* The CD image acts as track one so the first audio track will always

be track two+.

* The track numbers must also be a TWO DIGIT number: 02, 03,...10 etc.,

NOT 2, 3,...10.

* The space between the file name and the track number is optional.

Reading the included documentation certainly answers a lot of questions, doesn't it?