Sega cd parts

A friend just gave me his old sega he had in storage for years. It's a model 1 sega cd. I used to own one too. Wasn't there like a metal plate that attached to the top of the sega cd unit to shield it from the Model 1 Genesis? Will the Sega cd work without it or even power on? Is there any way to replace the plate with tin foil or another metal plate? I really want to play this sucker. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
1 more question for ya. Did the Sega CD unit have a special power supply or was it the same as the genesis one? This one seems to power up for a split second using a genesis power supply then shuts right off. It's a very brief flash of the acces and ready lights.
the genesis 1 PSU will work. chances are that your contacts are dirty. the scd will only power up if it has proper contact.
Ok very last question. Does the Sega CD system 2 (the one that attaches to the side of the genesis) have any internal memory at all or does it require that u use a backup ram cartridge?
both of them have an internal backup memory. if it doesn't work, you can usually recharge the battery by leaving it running for some hours.
The Sega CD model 2 has internal memory, just like the model 1.

A Ram cart isn't needed (but it's helpful if you play lots of games or RPG's)