Sega CD Power Supply

I just got a Sega CD without any of the hookups for it.. I googled it and found that it uses a 1.2 amp 10.5 volt power supply, and just wanted to verify that this was right. I checked wal mart and they have nothing with those specs.. just a universal one that has a 9V and a 12V setting. What power supplies will work a Sega CD model 2? I can get my hands on a genesis (model 1) supply, but thats all.
9v should work for it. What's important is that it meets the amp requirements, and also that it's DC and not AC.

Just go up to the counter at radioshack and tell them you need a DC-9v (or 10v) 1.2a power adapter, and they shouldn't have any trouble finding one for you, and it shouldn't cost much more than 5$.

Otherwise, there's dozens on e-bay all the time for 3-7$ Just search "sega ac adapter"

Genesis Model 1, Sega CD Model 1 and Sega CD Model 2 all use the same power adapter, so if you can get a genesis model 1, it will work with your sega cd model 2.

Genesis Model 2 and 32x use DC-10v .85a with reversed polarity. (possibly same as SNES).