Definately get Vay! It's WAY better than Lunar, but, damn is it hard! Also, Popful Mail (a side-scroller RPG) is also vrey sweet. Get Vay. It has some of the best music (The boss music, track 6, is one of the best boss themes I've ever heard, it's the best song in the game).
What's that tactical RPG for the system? I remember it being very good. Vay and Popful Mail are a must. U have a SCD and not those you deserve to be shot. nuff' said.
i had a sega cd(and i can steal my sisters if i knew where the hell it was) and i didn't have popful mail or vay. popful mail didn't look like it was any good and it was always sold for like 20 dollars in my area so i though it was crap and never bothered with it.
I have an orginal Lunar 1, Popful Mail, and Vay... I love all 3 of them.... Popful Mail is really good... and very very funny... I was laughing at game alot.... Sven T. Uncommon was the best... =
=.... Vay... is a super damn hard game... I had my charaters levels up around 95.... I think I spend more time leveling up.. then actually playing.... and Lunar1... it's a classic... I have a copy of Lunar 2... I love that game also...