Sega CD/Sega Genesis For Sale


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Hello -

I am selling my Sega Genesis (Model 1) and Sega CD (model 2) Units. Both units were just tested again and are in great condition and work perfect. They were adult owned - I treat my systems very well and were always well taken care of.

I have all the necessary hookups to enjoy right out of the box:

- Two A/C Adaptors (One for each the Genesis and Sega CD).

- One R/F Switch to hookup systems to television set.

- Two Controllers (One Offical Sega 3 Button, One 6 Button Third Party w/ Turbo)

- Three Games (Tomcat Alley for Sega Cd, and NHL '93 and NBA Live '97 for Genesis)

Like I said the entire package is in great shape, and I have pictures available


I am asking $30 - plus an additonal $20 for S&H, the entire package is already boxed very well/securely awaiting a buyer. If interested please email me at ..............thank you


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Hi. I'm very interested in your package.

I wonder if you could find out how much is shipping to Albufeira, Portugal in case you want to ship internationally.


Marcos Alves. :puke:


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Originally posted by Nelsonpby@Sep 8, 2003 @ 06:42 AM

Cool a Portuguese guy on SX! :)

That makes 2 of us. :cheers
That makes 4 or 5 of us...

|Barracuda| is also portuguese, and a Saturn Genius. :) :hehehe: :p