Sega CDX laser unit

The laser unit of my sega cdx is dead, it reads nothing (I tried to change the laser power without good results). Still, genesis games work fine.

So, I think I need to replace the laser unit. Can this be done without killing another cdx? If yes, which specifications should I look for the spare part?

Or the only answer for this is "good luck finding another cdx"
sounds simple, replace a CD laser lens, but I'd try a CD Laser Lens Cleaner first. see if it works at all.

Radio Shack should have some Laser Lenses, but I don't know. they have practically everything else.
sadly, I know not, but if there are different laser lens, wouldn't that be a bit expensive for the companies to produce?

keeping all the same helps streamline the production, thus lowering costs and prices.

I've played Sega CD games using my lite-on drive, and it all reads.

so it should, theoretically.
Originally posted by Gear@Dec. 04 2002, 8:32 am

So, should I replace the entire laser unit or just the lens (like a butcher)?

I see only three options for you:

1. Get a new CDX.

2. Try to see if the laser unit in a model 2 segacd is the same, if they are bingo just swap them (They both came out at about the same time so there's a good chance they share some parts.)

3. Call sega and see if they might have something to help you

Other than these three options you're screwed. This is also all assuming that there aren't other problems with the unit itself.