Sega dreamcast outsells the Xbox.

hey, let's not bang on the PS2 too much, it's got beatmania! and it's the only (legitimate) system that has the game. (gameboy has crap beatmania).

Although I've been heating up my DC lately (2 weeks) because I've got the heat for Capcom VS SNK and CvS2 again... Hours of playing Iori on A-groove is pretty tiring, but I only feel that after 3 or more hours because I use the Saturn controller. If I've been using the DC controller for fighting games, I won't last for 1 hour (especially 6-button fighting games)!
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Sega should wait until profitability. Sure the Dreamcast is outselling the xbox, 1, xbox is microsoft and everyone knows how vile microsoft is, 2, the DC is dirt cheap, with a large base of games, so what would you rather buy?

But personally after playing halo for the first time, the game rocks.
Actually, in Japan, DC stuff is still expensive, as there are still games coming out for it to this very day, and many of them are still high in demand. Don't assume that the situation in the US mirrors the situation in Japan; the DC died in the US way before it has in Japan.
Funny isin' it since they killed production of new units in Japan 7 months before they did in the USA.

I'm hoping the lazy bastards at NEC Interchannel get around to releasing Sentimental Prelude. They've had the page up for over two years and to this day it's on their upcoming DC game list.