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Well time has come to sell off the colelction, bank is bugging me for money and I just dont play games as much a si did anymore. So I got a few things that I want to sell off. Please note that all my prices are listed in Canadian funds. If you want to convert it to american fnds visit www.xe.com/ucc

DREAMCAST CONSOLE 1 CONTROLLER 1 VMU 2 GAMES: System is in great shape. I was going to put it in the car so I modded the case to a gloss black. it looks fairly neat. System works great, comes with one VMU and 2 games which are Flag to Flag and Sega Rally 2. All hookups are included. Asking $70

SATURN SYSTEM MODEL 2 2 CONTROLLERS & GAMES: System is a model 2 in great shape, comes with the really comfortable controllers, and games. System However does not come with the power or av cables. Games included are: Mr. Bones, NFL QB Club 97, Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, Quake, Hi-Octane, Sonic 3D Blast, Daytona USA. I have more games its just a matter of finding them. Asking $65

XBOX SYSTEM 2 CONTROLLERS 16 GAMES, DVD KIT: Time to let the Xbox go as well, 2 COntrollers 1 Regular (Large) and One Type S Controller, DVD Playback Kit, and 16 games. Games Included are: Tony Hawks pro Skater 2X, Morrowind, Circus Maximus, Hitman 2, James Bond Agent Under Fire, Bloodwake, Cel Damage, Batman Vengeance, Sega GT, Jet Set Radio Future, Prisoner of War, Halo, State of Emergency, Blade 2, Commandos 2: Men of Courage and The Thing. Everything is in Great shape as it has been kept in a cabinet. Asking $650
I would definately consider the saturn if it came with power & av cables... is their a reason for them not going with the system? And where in Canada are you?


THey dont come with the unit because I had to sell them with a model 1 unit I had that didnt have the cables.
My saturn isn't working anymore, still selling yours? I have the hookups, just no working saturn now