Sega Dreamcast


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Ok here is what I am selling.


1 Sega Dreamcast Console Complete with original box, demo disc, and phone line.

2 White Official Dreamcast Controls

1 Dreamcast Rumble Pack

1 Dreamcast VMU

1 Dreamcast Arcade Stick

1 Madcatz PS/2 to DC Keyboard connection




Sega GT (Game Only in jewel case)

Virtual On (Game Only in jewel case)

Sega Web Browser 2.0 (CD only in jewel case)

Resident Evil :Code Veronica (Game only in jewel case with both discs)

Grandia 2 (Comes in original jewel case with instructions and music cd)


The whole package is like new and everything is in working condition. Everything is also Official. The price does not include shipping.

Here are some magazines I am selling to for $15 bucks. Price does not include shipping.

21 Video Game Magazines It's a variety of magazines from Gamefan, EGM, and Gamepro.



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Well I really need the money now because of school so I dropped the price to

$100 dollars. If you have a better offer feel free to give me one