Sega Fansite: Pirate TV

I was wondering what you think of the site. I started it a couple of weeks ago. The aim is to build up tons of reviews for Mega-Drive. I'll probably start doing some for Sega Arcade games from the late 80's too, mainly system 16 to 24.

Feedback is appreciated. Please sign up for the bulletin board. IT';d be nice to have a few more members :).

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Looks cool,could have a bit more content but hey!It just started!Good site,i would like to see how it will develop it self.

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nice layout...btw what's up with .scd? are we gonna follow that? and i didn't know kgen98's author made kega! until now. anyway nice site.
Thanks guys. Yeah Steve Snake retured to emulation last month and decided to start from scratch with a Windows emulator because KGen had done all there was to do with DOS ones really.

I made a few changes. Theres a new Museum section being contructed; check out the SG1000/SC3000 section because I just finished that. I reall want to buy one of these because they look so cool:


There are also 3 new review of Mega-Lo-Mania, Trouble Shooter and Gain Ground. Now we're putting more screenshots into reviews in case you don't recognise the game from our descriptions.

Please bookmark us because theres alot more stuff to come or at least remember the url :).

we have a new redirect thats easier to think of:

I'm working on the Mega Drive section right now.. will probably be uploaded tonight.