Sega GT


I just bought SEGA GT PAL and it's not that bad. Surely not as good as GT3, but fun. I started to do the licences and wanted to race in workers cup. But those racing machines are almost unsteerable. I mean I even couldnt drive that 500+ hp supra in a straight line with my standard control pad. Is there a better way to handle the game, or do I just have to setup the car better?


Put all the down force you can, also use hard front tires and medium rear tires. And you have to know how to take well all curves of the maps for a correct driving.

If you haven't played the game much, you surely will have problems handling the fastest cars. Read some faqs at gamefaqs and drive slower cars first, like type B or A.

Also, if you want to learn with the best cars, you can obtain the Honda (mugen?) license and drive their works car. After that, all will be easy
Thanks for your answers, I'll try that. But now that this game called "Ikaruga" has arrived I doubt I will play other games in the next days