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I still own a Sega Mega Drive (v1) and back in the days we were playing day and night. I just LOVE the system !!

Nowadays, my Sega is defective, and I still have the fantastic opportunity to play these classic games on an emulator !! They contribute to the great memories I have about the Sega.

I've taken some time to read this forum, and I just HAD to respond. I see many statements saying "Dont ask for ISOs" etc.. And I see as many people asking for ISO this, ISO that..

In my opinion you guys are a bit hypocrit. Don't immediately feel offended by this, I'll explain.

It seems you guys don't want to hear or listen to anything that says "ISO". It's being banned and stamped into the ground by irritated users.

The fact is: you cannot ignore this. Sega CD ISO's exist. period.

Why not help people find for what they seek?

I do want to encourage to bring back that memories I have on Silpheed, Lunar, Time Gal, Sonic, etc.

What I'm saying is: make a list of sites that link to ISO downloads, and don't answer anymore questions about that.

Maybe it helps to calm down everything......
What do you think the FTP forum is if its not a place where ISO's can be found? The no ISO/ROM request rule is there to stop millions of pointless "Where can I find this game" topics.

Anyone who takes a little time to search will find plenty of games ripe for leeching.
Wow! Another new member who knows better that the admins. We're so blessed.

If you don't like the rules, you can always just log out.

You don't have to come back.
I just love how these new-b's sign up, and the first damn thing they do is bitch about the rules.

If you don't like it, there's the exit, don't let the imaginary door hit you in the butt on the way out........
well wait hold on hold on. I think he's got some sort of a point here. I do think people SEE the ftp section, but don't know what ftp has their iso. It's very fricken' annoying and we have lived with it for a while, but when the ftp page was up it listed the game on the ftps. There was no asking. I think maybe ice or arakon or someone should do something like make a list of all the isos in an ftpa member's ftp or something. I used to think it was annoying at first logging in to all those ftps, now i'm used to it, but newbs haven't seen the light... maybe i'm just rambling on but... ah nevermind.

*takes two pennies and throws them on the ground*
i once begged for a working iso when nobody was so full of knowledge about correcting the mp3 problem with snatcher. i aslo begged for the PCE version of snatcher in the turbo duo section. I didn't get the ISO i had it uploaded to rat's server. And since then i haven't downloaded the ISO why well just because. but i mean i never begged for things that were easily found i went looking for them. but i really don't give a damn about all these new people asking about ISO rules i mean it's people that ask questions that change things for either the better or worse but things get changed when questions are asked.
I vote we make a new ISO requesting forum and strap that Super Yoshi guy to his computer and force him to moderate it in accordance with SegaXtreme rules. Kind of like the part in a Clockwork Orange with Alex's eyes forced open.
Originally posted by Myname@June 12 2002,11:37

I vote we make a new ISO requesting forum and strap that Super Yoshi guy to his computer and force him to moderate it in accordance with SegaXtreme rules. Kind of like the part in a Clockwork Orange with Alex's eyes forced open.

the problem with making things any easier to find than they are now is the leach factor. the ftp forum is a service for members, ie. people who post and contribute and stuff.

if there was a master list or something the only response anyone would ever get from any of the ftps listed would be a 421 error
If there was a master list of games the only people using the FTP's would be the WaReZ d00dz l00kng f0r fr33 g@m3z & r0mz.....and that would suck.

I think that's it ! Newbie's don't know where to get their games, and start nagging about it. Like Galstaff said: "When there was a list, there weren't questions about it."

There are plenty of Genesis ROM sites out there, but I've counted only 2 sites with SCD downloads (with 1 defective, so a 50% radius)

I think the forum will get more pure...(the REAL questions about hardware, soldering this, modding that) and there would probably less irritation around.
The rules are the rules, and they are in place for good reason.

There are people who don't bother to read the rules (or blatantly defy them) but when they do they get banned.

It may take longer to find Sega CD games digging on FTP's, but they are available.

That is why we HAVE the FTPs in place.

looking around a little bit never hurt anyone.

As it is the FTP's are always clogged with leechers (who told friends, clogging them even more
) and this makes it hard for actual SX members to access them.

The only people who need ISO requests are people who intend to leech, and care little or nothing for keeping Sega CD alive, it's all because it's free stuff.

If they were surfing the FTPs and were to :gasp: actually contribute something ??? (I mean upload) they would eventually find something they are looking for.

Heck, if more of the leechers uploaded games even half the time there would be almost every game ever made on most of the FTP's, and finding a particular game would be a snap.

Truth is, SX is not about helping n00b33z g3t fr33 g@m3z, it's actually a bunch of sega fans getting together to talk...well...sega!

the problem comes when people start posting only to ask "wh3r3 @r3 th3 g@mez, h3lp m3 f|nd is0z"

If you were to allow open ISO requesting, the problem would only get worse, not better. Beggars would clog the board; essentially making the FTP's worthless.

At least if the begging leechers know they'll be banned, it deters alot of them from begging in the first place, and they look for themselves.

Personally I like SX just as it is, and even if I did disagree with the rules (which I don't) I would still respect them.

After all, I am a guest here.
You're completely right !

I know I'm leeching games because I want to revive those old memories on some of the fantastic games around. And because I always was (and still am) a great Sega fan. I remember myself shouting "Nintendo sucks, Sega is the best"

There are indeed leechers out there, who only leech because it's data, and it may be useful somehow. They don't leech what they need, they leech a whole folder, no matter what it contains.

Those users are dumb. They should be banned. I've seen those guys who come in as a newbie, with spelling that doesn't make sense at all, and start asking for this, for that. You're right about that: Follow the rules, and you're save.
OK, OK, I'm new here, but it doesn't mean I can't have my point of view.....

I know that many of you in USA have ways to get the games that people like me in South America simply can't. It's not only a question of getting the games for free. Even if I wanted, I couldn't buy many games that were released only there or maybe only in Japan. Buying the games from sites like eBay is expensive. The shipping is sometimes of US$30,00 for a game that costs US$ 5. And so, thanks God we have the Internet. Many experts, administrators of sites and moderators of forums there in USA not only have the games, but also know who have the games and how to get them. And apart from the fact they're much bigger and that makes things difficult for a site to maintain them, I really don't understand why ISOs are any different from ROMs. Both are illegal if you don't have the game. I've already seen arguments saying most of the games available via Internet can't be bought anymore and that's why downloading them isn't exactly a "crime". Well, I really have to agree with that because even when they were being sold I couldn't buy them. I love being able to play old classics using my Computer. However I can't understand why the simple mention of the word ISO bothers people so much....The only reason why people are asking (and bothering you in a forum that should be "pure"...) for them is that, for a reason I can't understand, they're extremely difficult to find. The question of illegality doesn't apply here. ROMs are just as illegal. I agree when you say you don't want hundreds of people asking for ISO A or MP3 B, but I can't understand the motivation that makes them so rare.

I can't believe this old thread is being dragged to the surface once again...sigh...

The only reason people request ISOs on SX is because they are too lazy to look on the FTPs for themselves.

There, I've said it....

Sega CD ISOs are plastered all over the FTPs so they are not hard to find at all.... all you must do is look.

I don't think anyone really cares WHY people download the games.

There are so many excuses people use to explain why it was OK for them to be ISO begging, but by far these are the most popular..

1."I can't afford the originals"

2."I can't find them anywhere"

3."I think ebay is too expensivel"

It really makes no difference why the games are downloaded.

That is beside the point, as it has absolutely nothing to do with why ISO begging is not permitted.

Nor has it anything to do with legality/morality issues.

If you read the posts above you can see just some of the reasons why ISO requsting is so annoying.

Besides, there is no good reason to request ISOs.

like I said earlier, the ISOs are all over the FTPs, all one need do is look.

I have no clue why this whole "Rom/Iso are the same thing" stuff came up, NEITHER are allowed here and begging for either of them will get you banned.

I'm sure I posted something here yesterday. It wasn't rude enough to be deleted. Did the board lose some posts?

It's no big deal. trigger read what I had to say and I got his reply. It was all of no consequence really.
Yeah, I noticed a post of mine and one of Cynnamin's were deleted yesterday for no apparent reason.. The boards were down for a while, probably naughty pixies causing trouble
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