sega nomad help

Hi, just bought a Nomad at the local flea market for just around 7 dollar:) As expected it's broken. A tiny part labeled "tr 201" is toasted. Does anyone know what kind of part this is?(It's just below the ac adaptor jack). Or does anyone have nomad schematics?
how did you get that bad boy open? That fucking screw in there does not fit any screwdriver I have ever seen.. I hear they sold them years ago, until companies like sega and nintendo made them take it off the market
maybe he custom-welded a fitting screwdriver?

I used one to open old IBM computers (like a Macintosh), but it was frankly, a bitch to tear apart, and put back together (completely illogical design)
Thanks, but the picture has to be better. I need to find out what the black thing on the top right is, It's below the blue capacitor.