Sega PC games

Maaan :p

Where were you when I put up my Sega Rally for the PC on eBay for 99 cents?
Nobody bid on it
I've given it away since
Originally posted by solid_snake@July 05 2002,11:33

Wanted to know if anyone knows a site that sells old Sega Pc games like Virtua Fighter,Sega Rally,and Virtual On for the PC

The sell a 10 pack of budget games in the UK... that has LOADS of Sega games on
here in california the only sega pc games i found at the local stores where Sonic Smash Pack and Sonic R. I tried ebay but there were some that where to expensive.Damn why couldnt I have found you Taelon
I wouldn't advise buying the Xplosiv games if you're on XP. They run in too low a reolution to go full screen and Virtua Fighter 2 was just generally messed up with it. You couldn't sve settings or anything, so every time you had to reassign keys and preferances. Pretty irritating.