SEGA Saturn 29th Anniversary Game Competition

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It's time for the annual SEGA Saturn homebrew competition. Contest details are here. Please attach all entries here (with bin/cue or iso/cue) by 12 AM UTC, January 8th, 2024 (7 PM EST, January 7th, 2024) [TIME EXTENDED] 12 AM UTC January 21st, 2024 (7 PM EST, January 20th, 2024).

Non-judges, please discuss the games and send any congratulatory remarks in the discussion thread.
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Hello everyone,

For those who don't know me, I am Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo) .

I'm here to submit my homebrew entry for the contest: Red Moon: Lost Days


Red Moon Lost Days



Red Moon: Lost Days is a RPG/visual novel hybrid developed for the Sega Saturn about Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot who after lost contact with a Army General friend, sets out on a journey to Egypt to investigate his disappearance.

Nineteen years have passed, but the shadow of the Great War is still upon the world. On February 28, 2019, the 3th world war began. The war was between China and the United States of America. A series of sanctions imposed by US ignited this war. Eventually, including a total ban on trade between China-backed countries. A feature of the Great War was the use of war robots, pilot operated biped machines, the Metal Knights. When China won the war, the world changed. For good.

China now called Great China became a union of republics. Consolidating itself as the largest economy. After that, Great China has establish a system to remain militarily stately. The Great Generals system. Each of the Great Generals act as a strong independent force. They are distributed throughout the nation. Zhaoky base with Houke and Rinshu, Weisho base with Ren and Goke, Yannro base with Gakuk and Gekishin, Quinou base with Koshou and Lu, and Chukou base with you.

You are Kyou Tan Wa of Chukou, Great General, leader of the Kyou Army and daughter of Shin Tan Wa and Rei. You carry on your back the weight of being the sword and the shield of Chukou. Before being a Great General, you were just a girl in the middle of nowhere. You grew up on the border of United Europe with Great China, once known as the Middle-East. The battles between the United States and China happened there nineteen years ago. It was at that time that your story began.



Kyou Tan Wa of Chukou, is a Great General from the Great China, leader of the Kyou Army and daughter of Shin Tan Wa and Rei. She was born in China, before it became the Great China. Despite that, she grew up on Middle East.


Kaine Hei Kun of Chukou current serve as Vice General, in Kyou Army. She also is considered the best Strategist in Chukou base. She has been Kyou's best friend since the military enlistment.


Kohime Togashi is a kind and polite girl. You two have been best friends since the Aegis Hospital incident. She was born in Japan, before it became the Japan Federation. Despite that, Kohime grew up on Middle East.


Jess is an intelligent woman. She is United Europe's head scientist and" is heavily involved with Metal Knight. She came to Middle East to do volunteer work at a refugee camps.


-Amazing character, backgrounds and CG art from @amkitani
-Original soundtrack from Guilherme Crispim
-Nonlinear narrative with multiple paths
-Fully explorable RPG areas
-Multiple languages (Portuguese and English)


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


In addition to the original compositions, the game features music from drackfreeee and Wee Free Music. This game was made using Jo Engine and Neptune Engine.


  • Red Moon Lost Days (Disc 1).zip
    125 MB · Views: 151
  • Red Moon Lost Days (Disc 2).zip
    124.9 MB · Views: 136
  • Red Moon Lost Days Official Trailer (1080p).mp4
    3.8 MB

Slide Hop is published to a 1.1 build. Hopefully I caught the big bugs.
The source code can be found here:
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Just gonna enter this into the "Hacks, Patches, and Translations" category...

EDIT: Last year, the version I submitted was nothing more than the Prologue. Now, the whole game is done.
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Hacks, Patches, and Translations submission:
My hardmode hack of Shining the holy ark:
Didn't really know what to call it.
Besides being a much harder version of the game, it does make unused items obtainable,changes treasure and shops, changes some monster spawns/drops, fixes some minor bugs,unlocks sound test, and unlocks some shortcuts on the world map adding one as well. It also allows monsters to have different stats depending on the area they are found in. This mod is mainly for people who played the game before, love the game, and want a different experience playing.

Patch download
There is a readme in the zip on how to patch. This patch is specifically for the USA version of the game (which is version MK-81306 V1.003)!!!!
Also includes save files for the SSF emulator at the beginning (right after the initial long dialog to gameplay in Desire mine) and middle of the game (Mountain cave). I don't actually know what to show off since the game at a glance doesn't look much different. Also includes notes about various changes.
This is where you normally find it: Updated to version 3.45:Shining the holy ark more than just hardmode mod v2 - Shining Force Central



Utilities submission:
All my shining force 3 tools:
Several programs to edit certain files in all shining force 3's scenarios. Another program that generates asm code to assist in editing.

Shining force 3 tools download
Has readmes in them. Most of them require .net framework. One requires java jre 16 or higher. The rest require .NET framework 3.5. They are a bit hard to use, but they function.
This is where you normally find these: SF3 file Editors - Shining Force Central

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I am submitting the Silhouette Mirage Engish Patch into the "Hacks, Patches, and Translations" category, on behalf of soniccd123, Malenko, and myself.

* Patch Details *

A translation of Treasure's 1997 masterpiece, Silhouette Mirage, into english using the PS1 Working Designs script.

The entire game is playable in english.

* Game Description *

"In an apocalyptic future, the Edo computer has gone beserk, dividing the world's inhabitants into two mutant classes, Silhouette and Mirage. Now, the watchguard computer safety system has sent forth the Messenger of Justice to travel to Edo and repair the damage before the world is lost forever. As the Messenger, Shyna Nera Shyna, blast, beat, and bash your way through seven wild and bizarre stages using friendly parasite weapons to aid your advance against wacky enemies, huge fully-animated bosses, and devilishly difficult obstacles."
- Excerpt from Playstation Case

* Patching Notes *

Patch using KnightOfDragon's Sega Saturn Patcher (SSP) 2.0.

Patch will work with all Saturn versions of the game. This includes: v1.001 (Demo), v1.003 (Release), and v1.100 (Rev. A).

The patch has been confirmed to work on real hardware using Fenrir/Fenrir Duo, Phoebe, and Satiator, as well as via emulation using Bizhawk, Mednafen, and Yaba Sanshiro.

* Community Tools Used *

-Crystal Tile 2
-Sega Saturn Patcher
-Yaba Sanshiro

* Credits *

Hacking: soniccd123
Hex editing: Rasputin3000
Sprite Work/Advising: Malenko

Zohar Taunt.png
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Here's a Hacks, Patches, and Translations submission: the Sonic 3D "Oops All Special Stages" mod from me and @privateye .

This is something of cold golf entry: it's a two byte patch to Sonic 3D Blast that lets you play the Sonic 2-inspired special stages back to back, without going into the primary game.

These special stages are considered by some to be the best in the Sonic series, but comparatively few people have played them. They were contributed to Sonic 3D Blast, which was primarily developed by Traveller's Tales, by Sonic Team Japan. Rumor has it that they are rescued bits from a scrapped Sonic game, but who can say really?

The changed bytes do the following:
  • Prevent the game mode from switching to 0 (normal play) by keeping it at 1 (Tails special stages) or 2 (Knuckles special stages)
  • Allow for the collection of all the emeralds in a single act
If you fail a special stage, you repeat it. After completing all 7, you repeat one of them for an extra life endlessly.

The archive has patch data for each of the regional releases. The Japanese one is the best, because it has faster load times.

I came up with the locations to patch by analyzing a Mednafen save state in Ghidra. @privateye put together the archive with patch data. Many thanks to him for all his work on it!


  • vlcsnap-2023-10-16-08h02m57s051.png
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Hi, on behalf of the Stellar Assault SS English Localization Team, I'm submitting our Stellar Assault SS patch in the Hacks, Patches, and Translations category. For legal reasons, I can't post prepatched bin and cue files, but you can find the SSP patch file at our Resource page here: Stellar Assault SS (English)

For details on the patching process, check the readme file that comes with the patch. (It uses Knight0fDragon's Sega Saturn Patcher, which is very easy to use.)

For details on everything we did to localize Stellar Assault SS as well as add Mission Stick support and infinite continues, not to mention create a U.S.-style manual, please see our project thread here: Stellar Assault SS English localization project

In the event that the judges place us among the top five entrants in our category, our team must pre-emptively decline any cash prize. While it's extremely generous that these prizes are offered, we've diligently avoided any money changing hands during the creation of this patch and we'd like to maintain that. The reasons are twofold — one, to avoid legal challenges; and two, because 20 people contributed to this patch with varying degrees of time, effort and visibility and it would be very hard for everyone to agree how best to divide the prize money.

We'd also have to decline the 3D printed prize for similar reasons.

All that said, thank you to EmeraldNova for running this competition, to SegaXtreme for hosting it and to all the judges for devoting their time and energy to it. And thank you to everyone else who contributes patches, utilities and original games to this competition! Through your talent and passion, each one of you is helping people enjoy their Saturns 29 years after its release, and that's a very special thing worth celebrating.
For the Utilities category I am submitting version 2.1.0 of the FilmMuxer:


New features added since last year include the following:
  • The ability to extract audio from a Cinepak file.
  • The Ability to use RAW PCM, WAV, and ADX Audio files for the audio source.
  • The Ability to mux ADX Audio into any Cinepak file.
The last one is still rather experimental as we don't have the ADX Cinepak libraries to properly test it. However I have been able to test the files by injecting them into Sakura Wars 2 where they do seem to work ok:

Raw files I've made to test this can be downloaded below. I've done both the Dragonball GT intro as well as the Luka Video shown above in Sakura Wars 2. These should be playable in VLC player:



    1.8 MB · Views: 56
@privateye are back with another Hacks, Patches, and Translations submission - Sonic Jam: Tails World!

Sonic Team contributed to a couple of Sonic projects on the Saturn - Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R. But the only Sonic title that went out with their name on it was Sonic Jam. Jam is mostly a compilation of the fourthree 16-bit Sonic games, but it has a killer bonus feature: Sonic World.

Sonic in 3D! For real! It was a dream come true in 1997. Alas, there's not much to it. You get to do a few missions, and you can explore some cool content that looks back on the history of Sonic. But that's about it.

The patch extends Sonic World just a bit, by letting you play as Tails. Just select Sonic World from the title screen. It's mostly a model swap, but there's a bit more to it than that: Tails can fly! Think of Tails as easy mode for the Sonic Jam missions.

This is another "code golf" entry. It takes just 8 bytes to change Sonic into Tails and to give Tails flight. A lot of work to identify the 3D model locations was done by Starman at Sonic Retro. I've combined his research with my own on Burning Rangers and NiGHTS to make this little hack.


  • Sonic Jam (USA)-0047.png
    Sonic Jam (USA)-0047.png
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I guess this technically falls under the Homebrew Games category but it's really more of a tech demo. With more people starting to tinker with FMV in their homebrew I threw together this Cinepak Demo Reel to provide some examples of what kind of quality you can achieve with the codec. The clips range from various different resolutions, frame rates, audio qualities, brightness and contrast, as well as aspect ratios. This way you can see how these all play a part in the overall quality of the encoding. You can also see an example of variable frame rate encoding.

Included as well is the source code. This can show you how you can set up things like Gradation to help blur the image slightly to hide compression artifacts. You can also see how to use VDP2's Interlaced resolutions to help act as a filter as well as give you additional vertical resolution. This can allow you to apply different kinds of scaling to achieve proper aspect ratio. So for example if you have a 2.35:1 clip but want to preserve more detail, you can encode it at 320x240 resolution but then display it in interlaced mode with some slight vertical scaling to preserve the aspect ratio.

Controls are as follows:
L and R buttons will skip to the previous or next video respectively.
X button will restart the current clip.
Z Button will pause and resume the current clip.


Hacks, Patches, and Translations submission:

Game Information
Sakura Wars
Platform: Sega Saturn
Developer: Red Entertainment Corporation, SEGA
Publisher: SEGA
Released: 1996
Genre: Turn-based strategy, visual novel, dating sim
Players: 1
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Audio: Japanese


About the Game
The original plot, inspired by Shochiku Kagekidan, takes place in an alternative Tokyo of the 1920s. The story follows the adventures of a secret all-female task force known as the Imperial Assault Troupe - Flower Division, as they defend the Imperial Capital, Tokyo, against evil. They are led by Ichiro Ogami, a recently graduated Imperial Navy Ensign assigned to the squad partly due to her unique ability to use a special type of armor that previously only women with high levels of spiritual power could operate.
Source: vndb

Texts: 100%
Videos: 100%
Graphics: 80%
Revision: 100%

Leader: Gopicolo
Translation: Gopicolo, Monnekey, Sansigolo
Revision: Monnekey
Videos: Monnekey, Sansigolo
Graphics: Danieljst
Tools: NoahSteam, TrekkiesUnite118

Version: 1.0 (25/12/2023)







  • SakuraWars_Patch_Portuguê
    279.2 MB · Views: 17
I have posted an updated version of the Dungeon Master Nexus translation
Better English translation, a new French translation and a kit to translate the game to any other language
See this thread: Dungeon Master Nexus for Sega Saturn - English V2 and French + Translation Kit for any language
Download full game in English & French
Dungeon Master Nexus Translation Kit (if you want to build your own translated version from the original)

There is also a work-in-progress preview of the manual translated to French !

Here are some screenshots

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I am a new/novice baremetal Sega Saturn game developer and I have a submission for the "Original Games" category, "Saturn Wordle":

won game.png

I am a Sega Saturn hardware enthusiast. I wrote this game from scratch using my own toolchain, build system, register definitions, and study of the official Sega Saturn hardware manuals.

All code was authored by myself. No part of this project is derived from an AI-generated output.

Two assets are included that I did not author:
  • the included list of accepted words is a derivative work of the New York Times list

  • the included font is DejaVuSans Mono, as rendered (at compile-time) by freetype2.

This game exclusively uses the Saturn Keyboard. All other types of controllers are unsupported and ignored.

The exhaustive list of supported controllers is:
  • HSS-0129
  • HSS-0159
For mednaffe users, I prepared this silent video tutorial of how to configure the Sega Saturn Keyboard, (if you prefer to read rather than watch a video, read on...):

The keyboard must be directly connected to any of the Saturn's built-in controller ports. Multi-taps are not supported. If playing the game on real hardware with a genuine Sega keyboard, no additional configuration is necessary.

To enable keyboard input in mednafen, launch mednafen with these options:

-ss.input.port2 keyboard -command.toggle_grab keyboard 0x0 43+ctrl+shift

For example, a complete mednafen command line might be, inside same working directory that wordle.cue and wordle.iso have been copied to:

mednafen -ss.input.port2 keyboard -command.toggle_grab keyboard 0x0 43+ctrl+shift wordle.cue

If you have a physical "Context Menu" key on your full-sized keyboard, you may omit the `-command.toggle_grab` option if desired, as you would be able to use the default keybinding ("Ctrl-Shift-Menu"). As written, these options will connect an emulated Saturn keyboard to controller port 1, and "Ctrl-Shift-Tab" will be assigned to the "Input grab toggle" command.

When the game is launched, press "Ctrl-Shift-Tab" to "grab" keyboard and mouse input. When finished with the game, press "Ctrl-Shift-Tab" again to release keyboard and mouse input.

If you prefer to use mednaffe to launch mednafen, the "Toggle input grabbing (for emulated mice and keyboards)" option is in Global Settings -> Key Assignments -> Basic -> (bottom of the list).

Wordle, from Wikipedia:

Players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, with feedback given for each guess in the form of colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position.

To guess a word, type the word using the letter keys of the (emulated) keyboard. To submit a word, press the "Enter" key. A submission will only be accepted if that word exactly matches a word in the game's word list (the word list is a subset of all of the 5-letter words that exist in English).

Rejected submissions will not count against your six tries--in this case, simply nothing will happen when you press Enter. The intent of this mechanic is to simultaneously: slightly reduce the difficulty of the game, protect against premature presses of the "Enter" key, and to prohibit certain types of systematic guessing (e.g: attempt all vowels in a single guess).

When a word is guessed, each letter is assigned a color-coded hint highlight:
  • LIME-GREEN: the letter is both present in the word, and in the correct position within the word (there may or may not be more than one of this letter in the word)

  • YELLOW-BROWN: the letter is present in the word, but the guessed position does not match the position of the letter in the word.

  • GREYISH-BLACK: the letter is not present in the word

  • LIGHT-GREY: the letter has not yet been submitted / evaluated

How to win:

The game ends either when you make 6 guesses, or guess correctly, whichever comes first. A correct guess is indicated by 6 letters with a green highlight.

You may (re)start a new game (with a new psuedo-randomly-selected word that varies each time you restart the game) by pressing the Escape key.

After your first playthrough, it is recommended that you press the Escape key at least once before you begin playing, as this action will seed the random number generator (hopefully giving you a word you have not seen before).


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hi, here is my first bad and main entry, it's probably full of bugs. you can report them and if i can , i'll fix some and publish a version for next monday.
now it's time for my second worse entry, nothing coded yet, i only grabed some artwork

UPDATE (but no real fix) :

UPDATE 2 (Fix for console) :

UPDATE 3 (better disk image by @privateye ) : - The Quest for Identity.7z

another fb entry ^^
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Here is my entry for Hacks / Translations:

I present Shadows of the Tusk in English.

(current contest version, 0.99b 1/20/2024 6:40 PM EST)

0.99c added separately to address bugs with anti text, be sure to update.


The game is 99% translated, outside of a few possible spelling errors and a cleanup on the profiles.

To assist with this translation, is the latest version of my Netlink OS, which utilizes a custom version of the Netband tunnel.

Also included is a modified version of Kronos, which reimplemented Netlink play, which I have done some fixes to for better gameplay and connectivity.

This version should allow for players to cross play between Kronos and Saturn (as well as Yabause 0.9.14, but I would not recommend this)

Hopefully this will get more people involved in netlink online matches, which the folks over at Sega Saturn, Shiro! are always looking to recruit. Join their discord and schedule yourself some matches with players around the world.

I have also included a save that unlocks all of the cards. I recommend playing the game without this save, but there may be cases where special matches are held, and certain cards are needed.


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  • Tusk Contest
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  • Shadows of the
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