SEGA Saturn 29th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread


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Non-judges, please discuss competition entries from the SEGA Saturn 29th Anniversary Game Competition thread here.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that maybe a demo for a platformer or something entertaining is in order for this. Hopefully platformer...:afraid::ahhhhh::banana::biggrin::whistling:
Always great to see the Saturn is still alive and kicking even at this year!

As of writing this, there's one entry in the official thread which is Red Moon: Lost Days...I happened to play it before - it's a game set in the same universe of another VN / RPG hybrid the dev made for PC (Red Moon of April), following a different story through what can be considered one of the "antagonists" of the first game, so as far as lore / universe go, it's really interesting to get to know more about that character.

RM:LD is more straightforward than RMA, but it's on Saturn, so that makes it just as cool. The game is on the short side but the plot is well written and the ending actually surprised me because
it's basically mechas with something similar to the nen ability used in the shounen Hunter x Hunter
, so that makes it great for me already, lmao

Best of luck to all participants!