SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

First, thank you for your votes, I am very happy to see the game in the top positions.

Some people have been able to finish the game without getting into the basement. Since the game's entry I updated the files with fixes a few times, and on one of those occasions, trying to fix the layout position of the third (and last) puzzle, I left a cheat enabled that allows you to access this puzzle and thus literally finish the game in 30 seconds...

A week later I realized the error but it seems that in that time interval the game was downloaded and played by one of the members of the jury. So I just wanted to tell Saturn Memories and anyone else who has had this problem that at the same link you can find a corrected version that will allow you to advance the story a little further.

Again, thanks to everybody!
Hello my name is Robert. I'm new:banana: and adding to the list of potential great Saturn Dev here. I am assuming that the start of the 29th Anniversary Game Competition will be underway next month then ? Well, if that's the case, please point me in the direction of the proper dev setup. I would absolutely love to join the fray:biggrin::elefant::thrasher:
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