Sega Saturn Mini (classic) Prototype

This is a 3D printed case, housing an asus tinkerboard, running Slash TV 3.0 Android OS, custom made by myself and my friend crash. It runs a ton of emulators from Atari to dreamcast, but for the Saturns birthday I decided to narrow the scope down and create this project. it has 4 usb ports, I purchased 2 usb Saturn controllers, has HDMI 1080p and 4k video, wifi, ethernet, Bluetooth wireless controller support, takes an SD card for the OS (can also be used for games), can boot roms from usb external device, and uses yaba Sanshiro as its emulator. My goal for this project was to help preserve the saturn library by adding another means of playing, that is cost effective, and doesn't wear the laser or disc. it can also double as a media center and run Netflix, hulu, kodi, plex media server. photos and more details can be found on my site at:
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there are no sales or ads on my site, but the 3D print and the OS running on the tinkerboard to play saturn are available freely for download.
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