sega saturn netlink


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can anyone let me know if there are still people online playing with the netlink? I was curious. Thanks.

You can't play online with the netlink. It's direct dial ONLY. The only online disc made was the web browser. And before you ask no there is no known way of using it over the net with some fancy shamcy pc trickery.
thanks SAG.... I am gonna get my netlink asap. do you know what games this works with?? thanks.

crap , I am bidding on one now, but there is no software included, does anyone know where I can get this software?

thanks again


Do you think there would be a noticable difference between the 14.4kbps Japanese Modem and the 28.8kbps US Modem during direct-dial games? I'd love to get a Japanese modem (you know, to keep colors consistant ;D) but I don't want the lower speed to affect gameplay.
Hmmm I think so considering that thw 28.8 will be slow I can only imagine that the 14.4 will be downright awefulll....

For browsing, sure. But games for which there exist a Japanese Netlink-capable version shouldn't have any trouble since most probably the networking code will be identical.
as I have not yet been online with my saturn but plan too.. how is it? I mean slow cool, crappy etc? thanks.

Slow, most sites won't display correctly and the user interface is a pain even with a keyboard and mouse. The novelty wears off very quickly.
The only net-link games I recall are Virtual On and Daytona CCE? You might be able to play VO online on the PC version, so meh. As well as Sonic R and Last Bronx.

Heh, amusing if Saturn Daytona still works, considering they took down the ability to play DC Daytona online...

My GOD do I not want to find out how lagged the Saturn netlink is on a 28K. >_<
Well, the only game I want to play over the netlink (for now anyway) is Bomberman!

My friend and I and our wives always get a battle :flamethrower: game going when we get together (we live about 7 hours apart) so it would be awesome to play over the netlink.

All I need is 2 netlinks. Anyone got any for sale??
No, but it's one of those things that I keep meaning to get but just haven't quite yet. One day.

Got to get a DC BBA first.