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Other game that was never released : "Fighting Force" There is a preview of this game in my website (reviews section, sorry it is in French
Originally posted by chainsmoker@Feb 13, 2003 @ 08:03 PM

It's not Black Down or Black Hawk Down. It's Black DAWN.

That's what I thought, but Daniel seems convinced.
Hi folks,

I think it's all lies, he's just a guy trying to get some attention. Otherwise he'd know SF Collection and Herc's adventure were released, and Black Hawk Down is a game made for XBox and PS2, so I doubt it's been also developped for Saturn...

And he wouldn't just give the first 4 titles.

Maybe he wanted to say he has 20 released games for Saturn and he mistyped the "un"(released)
Well, I know that there is a game called Black Dawn. I just hoped that it would be another one.
However, Fighting Force seems quite possible, since I know there is a demo for Saturn. Ive seen it. It was almost finished but never released.
Ohh... lol

Sorry, I thought the thread was deleted, but it was just moved. I will post pictures of the games and their CDs this weekend.

Sorry I haven't put the pictures up yet. My ATI capture card doesn't seem to be working. I will put them up as soon as possible.

Sorry about that.