Sega Saturn Prototype Games

Hey! I have about 20 prototype games for the Sega Saturn.

These were games that either never made it to the public, or were beta of what was to come. Anyone interested?
Lyzel why not do what the other fello did with the beta game and make covers and release them for profit
Let's not start that again Zziggy00...

One locked thread is more than enough. ???
Ok, the 1st four games are

Black Down, Hercs Adventure, Street Fighter Collection, and some type of boat game.

Black Down is some sort of Helipcoter game. It looks really good. I played it for a bit and was quite impressed.

Hmm... dunno if I should move this to the general area...
Originally posted by cww80@Feb. 09 2003, 12:22 pm

If you're trying to sell them, then prices MUST be stated...

Geez. I only asked if people were interested in this sort of thing and I get the *big bad* prices MUST be stated crap. I CAN read English, ya know. I already know this!

Geez. Stop jumping to conclusions. I'll post a price if it comes to that. I never said I was, did I??? Geez.
Black down or Black dawn? Black Dawn was certainly released...

I'm really interested in hearing more about these games.
The games you mentioned was released, but if you have any ones that werent, its very interesting. Maybe you should try and release them as Mr Saturn did? I would gladly help.
Originally posted by Zziggy00@Feb 9 2003, 02:43 AM

Lyzel why not do what the other fello did with the beta game and make covers and release them for profit

Last I checked, Return Fire was completed but not released. So it was a final game. But if anyone can get more unreleased Saturn games out, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.

If the decision IS made to sell anything, you might wanna do things a little cheaper than Mr. Saturn. I'd personally be happy with a labeled CD, CD case, and CD insert. Just a thought.
This is really interesting! I read in a magazine about a game called Black Down. Yes, not Dawn, Down. It was said to have a two player mode. Is this it?
I keep hearing Black Down.... you sure it isn't BLACK HAWK DOWN? Because that is, I think, a helicopter game and it exists... as do Herc's Adventure and Street Fighter Collection. And what's the "some boat game" one?

Anyway, that's only 4 games. Aren't we going to hear what the other 16 are?

EDIT: Yikes, I just remembered that Black Hawk Down was a MOVIE ... not a game. Sorry
I'd be interested in Herc's Adventure. If I remember clearly, it's an action RPG, sort of like the later Oasis games. Anyone have any details about it?

*breaks out the old next generation magazines, the fat ones*
Hercs Adventure was released. It is a cartoonish action/adventure game. Quite fun, and it has a two player mode. Not to be misstaken as an rpg though, since it is fare more action than rpg.
what are the rest of the unreleased games? I'm quite interested in hearing them.

Any chance there's a 'Sonic extreme' or something of the sort?