Sega Sports online..YAY or NAY


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Well its here sega is promising this year to be a great year for the sega sports online network, with this news, who will be gaming online, or who will be playing with themselves.. :) This will not be only for sports but for the upcomming pso 1+2 for gamecube. so let me know.
Well heck I've been playing sega games online since 2000 with the DC and still do. Whats gonna change? Besides other consoles coming late and just getting online, man the DC blew those systems out of the water when it came to online gaming.
your right dc was the pioneer as far as online gameplay is conserned, have you heard how much sega is going to or is already charging, is it still 19. or so a month? its been a while since I was on seganet.
Stack its free now till the end of the year, if you had an account with seganet it should still be there, if you cant remember your loggin or pass make a new one, its FREE!!!!!!
cool. thanks for the heads up.. I will sign up, does anybody know how much it will be after this year.
Anyone wanna play me in some NFL 2K1? No one's on the servers. I guess they're playing NFL 2K2. I'm gonna check NBA 2K1 next. Well... I just noticed a couple people in the NBA 2K1 lobby. They're playing a game right now. So... anyone wanna play me in NFL 2k1? I guess I'll have to go pick up NFL 2K2 sometime soon.... I'm located in Iowa, and the fastest server for me would be the Kansas City, MO server. Hopefully there are some people from the Midwest that won't mind playing some NFL 2K1. I'm gonna go check out prices for NFL 2K2 now.

BTW, if you wanna search for me, my SegaNet name is Cloud121
cloud you got an xbox, I just got nfl2k3 and it is spectacular.. you could play online with that if you got an xbox..?
Cloud I'm also from Iowa, where do you live at? Yea like stack says do you have bb? Id be willing to play some nfl with ya.

By the way any of you dc guys with bb do this and get it working? PC dreamcast server if so does it work good?
i got to get a dc bb but they are like 100 bucks now, even on ebay, thats kinda steep if you ask me, but anyways, if and when I get one, (in the process of tracking one down on ebay) Im down for some fb.. cool
I'm from Des Moines. Yes I have BB.... not on DC though. You wanna set some dates/times to play? Remember, it's NFL 2K1.