Sega to show extensive MegaDrive portfolio at E3

Originally posted by Supergrom@Apr 15, 2003 @ 04:38 PM

That sounds awesome. So there actually may be a good reason to get xbox live before Halo 2

isn't XBox live like $50 a month or something?

I just don't like monthly fees.

I have enough bills as it is

I am getting excited about lots of ports though

Especially if they do collections of game series or something

They need a real sonic collection INCLUDING Sonic CD and add a brand new 2D game

Think of the possibilities though:

Shining Series

Phantasy Star Series (better than the GBA collection)

Sonic Series

Streets of Rage Series

any I'm missing?

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X-Box Live is $50 for a year. You get the headset and Whacked/Moto GP demos to try online when you buy the kit.

oh I guess that's not bad for a year

That is quite reasonable. Though that's also on top of the ISP monthly charge, right? As in I still need my connection to use it. I'm a little leary of spending money on a service I'm not so sure I'll use enough. Just like I can't really see spending monthly fees for these online games. I'd feel cheated if I didn't play enough, and with things as busy as they are around here... blah, my problem, I'll keep it to myself

I'll just play the actual games on my old skool systems for now
This is great news, thanks for the tip. I got LIVE soon after it came out and Unreal Championship with it cheap (boxing day deal) ~ I played that for a bit but haven't played online for well over 2 months now. I know... I only have 1 Live game so I shouldn't complain....but the only other one I see playing decently would be mechassault and I'm waiting to pick up a cheap used copy of it. I rented NHL 2k3, was so dissapointed (prefered NHL 2k on my dreamcast...) that I didn't even bother with Live, rented a couple of football games which were fun for numerous matches but I saw myself getting bored quickly over time (other than the trash talk...hehe) and not much else has sparked my interest since.

so pretty much every time I see my starter kit lying around I think of how far Halo 2 is away.... the only Live game I look forward to that (that I know of) is Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (looks sweet + I loved the original) which comes out this summer. something to occupy my time like this would be great. right now I'm contemplating why M$ just didn't add a bunch of quick and easy games on the starter disk that are good for quick play....namely


or something like it. That would rule....and would be so easy to implement. I probably should mention that I've been playing Death Tank quite a bit recently
~ other small games would be good too such as Pong, a tetris clone, and how great would trash talk be in Just a thought.