Selling my XBOX (CHEAP!)

Hi there,

After going nuts with regard to the constant humming of the fan on my XBOX, i'm looking to sell it. Basically I'm looking for $65 + shipping for the system, AV cables and power cord (with box). It's only been used mayby 30 to 35 times (I recieved as a present back in January) and is in excellent working order, aside from the fan humming.

If you have any questions or are interested, PM me or just reply in the thread.



STILL FOR SALE! Make sure you read the disclaimers on the lower posts though before deciding.
Actually, yes it was. I always thought it was naturally that way though till I tried to trade it in at Gamestop. That was when they told me that it was just to loud and they couldn't take it. I was initially kind of shocked, so I went home and looked on the internet. After typing "xbox fan loud" into google's search engine, I was able to get a ton of result about people who seem to be having the same problem I was. Thier XBOX's work just fine, but fan makes the XBOX sound like a PC.

Anyway, I seem to be up a creak without a paddle. I would return it or claim the warranty but what is needed is gone. That's why I'm selling it cheap. It's in great condition, but as I said the fan is a nuisance. If you put it in an entertainment center though and close the door on it enough though, it becomes much less of a problem.
do you know what version xbox it is, what dvd drive it has and what brand hard drive? also, how much would shipping be to 47906?
Well from what I can see:

It was Manufactured 09-29-2003

From the system info I got



You'll have to tell me where on the XBOX I can find out the other information (if this isn't what you're looking for).
Alright, that all sounds good, where are you located, i'm in the US, 47906, so just curious as to how much shipping would be. Also, if you could tell me the serial number from the outside of the console, that would be great too.
Hi, the serial number is:

4023784 34005.

About the postage, I'm in 53402.

*Note*: Forget what I said about shippment type. I'll be sending it priority at a cost of about $15 shipping. I'll cover for insurance (about $3.20) and delivery confirmation $0.55
Just a quick disclaimer (I should of posted this earlier):

As a note to everyone, I should mention that I have not specfically determined that the cause of the noise IS the fan. But it is my guess that it is. The noise is very consistent (not loud, but as I said, a humming) and occurs if a game is in the system or if one is not (so I don't think it's the cd/dvd drive). You can also tell that this is not a harddrive noise either. I've also never heard any stories of circut boards generating a larger amount of noise either.

I do know however that it has no problem playing games. The sound and graphics are just fine also. So aside from the noise, it's a regular, working XBOX.

Anyway, I'm not posting this to scare people, but rather just to be straight forward with what someone might be buying. I warrent that the noise will not effect the way the XBOX plays it's games, but not that the noise is related to the fan (because quite honestly I don't TRUELY know what the cause is).
alright, i would like to buy it from you, i just have a few last minute questions i'll ask you through PMs --- just got your new post, give me a sec
Hi eveyone,

Looks like it's still up for sale. I'll go lower if absolutely nobody is interested.

I feel I should mention what I've mentioned to Rommaster to be more straight forward (perhaps some one here understands the problem and could address it).

From Me:

Anyway, from what I can tell it's a whirlling noice (high pitched though), so perhaps it isn't the fan (the more I think about it, the more I become unsure.) It certainly is not a grinding noise though or the sound of the hard-drive thrashing. I don't suspect that it's the CD/DVD drive since the sound occurs when the XBOX doesn't have a game in it or when the CD tray is open. I wish I could tell you where on the xbox the noise is coming from, but the vents all all sides exert the same amount of noise.

Sadly that is all I can tell you. I'd tell you that it works with games fine, but I've beat that to death.

As earlier, contact me if your interested.
Um, no controller??? I would be interested if it comes with a controller. Also, I prefer FedEx/UPS because it's more cheaper that way, and it's automatically insured. Let me know!
the fan is smaller than 80mm as I recall. Also, if it's the hdd, that's fixable, just mod it and put a different drive in. If I knew that the drive was a samsung I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Edit: as it is, I may have a friend who would be interested. I'll post a reply tonight as to a yay or nay on it. Assuming it's still available.
Hi there,

First off, it does come with a controller ( I should of mentioned it).

Secondly, the xbox hasn't been sold yet. But I'm talking to another board member right now who had PM'd me second. I have to see how everything turns out with him, before I try to accept another offer.