Seriously messed up...

OK, this is too weird.

First, a couple weeks ago I turned on my DC and up came the screen to have me reset the settings (time, sounds, etc). That was weird (why would it do that? I didn't lose power or anything). So I checked to make sure all my save files were intact and that nothing bad had happened. I went to the file screen and noticed that the VMU in my 4th controller wasn't displaying. So I looked at the controller, and sure enough it was gone. Odd. But, I figured since it was my brother's maybe he took it back without telling me.

Just two days ago I was finishing Grandia II (finally!!) when I happened to notice that one of my CDs was out of place in the holder. I noticed because it was a blank-spine jewel case (Sewer Shark for SCD) and not a regular DC game. I didn't really think much of it and moved the game back to its rightful spot. Then I realized that the game that was supposed to be in that spot was missing! Where'd my copy of Crazy Taxi 2 go?! I looked ALL OVER for it. I didn't loan it to anyone, and I didn't move it anywhere. Hell, I haven't even played it since the end of July according to the last save file for it.

So I call my brother who's out of state working to see if maybe he borrowed it and I just didn't notice until now. Nope. I asked him if he took back his VMU. Nope. Uh... so where are they? After searching everywhere, I have only one completely insane reason. The only person to go in my basement aside from me and my parents in the last 2.5 months is the guy who cleaned the furnace. I think he stole my copy of CT2 and my VMU and I just didn't notice until now. I thought maybe I was looking at the game elsewhere and forgot where I left it. But then why would the other jewel case have been in its place? And it's not like the VMU could just fall out of the controller.

I'm seriously weirded out here. Not really sure what to make of it all. Still unsure what happened to them. That's the best thing I can think of, and I still don't really believe that (why the hell would he steal those two things out of all the shit down there?) Weird, no?
In the basement, you say? Well, it's sure to be evil spirits then - moving things around, making them disappear, cheeky buggers :

As for the memory resetting, that is just natural when you haven't turned the DC on in a while. It only charges the battery to store the date/time when power is actually on. When the power switch is off, the unit really is off - it doesn't matter if you have it plugged into the wall or not.