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Actually I forgot this for several years but jumping around the forums jogged my memory again. Quite a while back when I still had my original sewer shark game, I got bored and checked out some of the audio files in the systems cd player. Now, its a bit weird but if you listen closely to one of them, you can hear a bunch of voices talking (Like a meeting or something) but you can't understand what their saying. Really odd, has anyone else heard this before? I have never had patience enough to sit down and beat sewer shark so I'm not sure if that is used in the game or not. Perhaps someone can check it out for me and give some input.
it says, backwards "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9"

Digital Pictures did that a lot. probably a reference to the beatles album thing.
the same message is on Disk 2 of the Prizefighter game, whose exact name I can't recall.

I've seen this information in Sega Visions Magazine, the only volume I had.

he says "Hello, Digital Pictures" and then the backwards "Number 9" message.

is it some kind of inside joke for recording studios?

is it a jinx or something?
I found this on a game site -

I will never have the time to check this out, but maybe it works - ( sounds alot more like it just worked out that way )

Alternate route:

During the game, you will follow directions given for turns to take, labeled like a clock (i.e. left turn is 9, right turn is 3, down is 6, and up is 12). Normally if you take a wrong turn, or a turn you were not instructed to take, you would hit a wall and explode. If you insert the game disc into an audio CD player and play track two, you can hear a phone ring followed by "Hello, Digital Pictures..." and a bizarre message repeated three times. This message played backwards is "Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine." If at the very beginning of the game you take three nines, or left turns, you will not explode, and the game will keep going.
i'm not sure if that was the intent. Number Nine is an inside joke of some kind in recording studios.

Plus, TomCat Alley also featured that "Number Nine" joke... so I doubt that this was implemented into Sewer Shark "cheating" purposes.
The "number 9" is a reference to the song on The White Album (The Beatles) called Revolution 9 that contains a line that, if played backwards, sounds like "number 9 number 9..." (or maybe it's the other way round ??? ).
Curtis, I believe you are exactly right. it does sound similar to what I read in Sega Visions.

back in those days, backwards messages were all the rage. play a specific part or the phonograph in reverse, and you heard something else.
Originally posted by Link Hylia@Jan. 15 2003, 4:55 pm

...back in those days, backwards messages were all the rage...

Yeah - right up there with playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in sync with Wizard of Oz.
A quick google search revealed this page. It's basically just a list of freaky coincidences the occur when the album and movie are played together.