One thing that has always bothered me while playing this game is the bit in Flagard where you read a sign and it says something about a strange creature appearing from the hole behind the sign.

Then one does and runs away into someone's basement.

I just wondered what the point in this bit was.

Can you get something from this thing or is it just a comedy moment to releave the sadness from the death of Conrad?
There is no point to this really, it's just a funny appearence of Penn.

You can also see Penn in Aspia before he joins your force. Find the woman near the fountain who says people keep pushing her around and push her into a box with some writing on it (its located in between the item and weapons shops if i remember correctly). Penn will jump out and start jumping on Synbios' head!

You answered my next question there also about the point of the woman who doesn't like being pushed!

Thanks for the info :