SGL/Saturn programming faq

The dev forum is undoubtedly a good place to ask questions but it's not easy to search trough old answers. What about gathering all answers in a reference FAQ ?
Is someone crazy enough to handle such an enormous task ?

I agree to help as much as my possibilities allow me to help :agree
:agree i think thats a great idea! mainly because i asked the newbie questions
i am willing to help if you guys need me. maybe a host? i got one a nice one. we'll gather everything and make it all nice and chock full of info!
reinhart : it does not mean a so big amount of work : when a question is asked and not present in the faq, or vaguely anwered, just modify the faq rather than writing the complete answer in the message board and put a pointer to your answer in the faq.

It's not exactly a faq, then.It should be something everybody could edit and improve. A wiki ?

nescphp : does your host permit collaborative work on a document ?
Well, I think the right solution would be to have a thread called "the developper FAQ" that the "FAQ team" could modify, just like in FTP or Tech Help forums. What do you think ?

I like the wiki idea, it's faster to work and easier to organize our ideas(especially since many of us are expecialized in a specific portion or detail of the Saturn). We could use a free implementation if nescphp could not do that, under or another wiki-farm.
Taka : I think it would be better for us to use a software of our choice (yes, free and GPLed) on any web space, rather than relying on a specific host AND soft. This said, I do not know much about wikis.

Djidjo : I agree. sx might be a good place for this faq/wiki.
This is a good idea. But we should split everything up, instead of having one massive faq. Have one faq for installing the compiler, and getting hello world to work. Another faq for getting your program to work on a real saturn. Another faq for using the sound processor, the backup library, taking input, etc. What I was hoping was that each person who enters the contest would do a little write-up on any neat features they used. For example, I'll put up a little tutorial on how I did the menu structure of my code. Another thing I'll do is do a tutorial on how to do basic operations with the backup library. Now if everyone did a tutorial on what they got to work, we wouldn't need to rely so much on Sega's official docs (which are a pain in the ass). Just my two cents.
yah, i know PHP... with a little support and help i can maybe even make a wiki! well thats too much work :/ well .... yah my host is good it can do anything
, PHP/MYSQL support ... i just can't exceed over 5mb mainly because i promised my friend i wouldnt