Shadow Dancer


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This week's game is Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi for the Sega Genesis / MegaDrive. I remember playing this game on my friend's Genesis a long time ago. I was pretty good at it too. However, IIRC, I was't able to beat the last boss though.
He was one tough mofo, I tell ya. Fireballs and ninja(s) form a deadly combination.

I didnt get the chance to play this game much but what I do remember was playing it in the arcade way back when. Very cool game, I loved the fact that I had more then one weapon to use against the bad guys such as magic. Out of all the shinobi games I like shinobi 3 the best, the controlls were PERFECT!
This is my second favorite Shinobi game. Shinobi IV (as it SHOULD be called) is my favorite). The thing Iliked about it, was that it required a bit more thinking, and a hint of strategy involved, in order to succeed. Due to the fact that you die in only one hit. The farthest I got was the Statue of Liberty boss. I can get through the first Level (Burning City, Stages 1, 2, 3) and most of the second level without taking a hit. Second to my beloved Golden Axe II as best MegaDrive/Genesis non-Phantasy Star game (Golden Axe II has one helluva good soundtrack! Put it up Ice!).
I've never played the Genesis version, but my arcade board should be arriving any day now.
It's a long time since I've played either, but I think the two versions are different.. In that the Megadrive one wasn't a conversion, but a different game with the same name. Could be the old memory playing tricks though.
I only played this on an Amiga, anyone knows if this is the same game? Shinobi-Guy in white with a dog on his side disarming bombs in an airport in the first stage?
The genesis version wasnt a close port of the arcade. The arcade game had better graphics and more intense action. The genesis game wasnt that bad, but it paled in comparison with revenge of shinobi and shinobi 3...

I guess shadow dancer for genesis was an ok, game, but not great