shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

hehe... these people are so shameless... in downtown houston, there's this part where it's all (i mean ALL) vietnamese shops around. literally, every other shop is a "ph'o" (vietnamese noodle soup) restaurant.. anyway, i found this nifty shop where they sell asian music (hong kong and vietnamese; no j- or k-pop) and obscure pirated nintendo's...

anyway my point

they also have this wholesection dedicated to local dj cd's. at least, that's what i think it's about. All these cd's have either HENTAI or random anime chicks shameless scanned in on the covers. (one of them has FFX's Yuna) and that's not why i call them shameless. oh no. that wouldnt be fair...

i actually went far enough to buy two of their cd's (they're 4$ each). somehow, someone owns a professional cd-mastering thingy, as they sell professionally printed, professionally burned (silver bottom) bootleg cd's. but that's not all.

when you actually take time to listen to the cd's, you'll find out they are not at all what they clame to be. For example, this cd im listening to "Trance Nation 2: Welcome to the Rave Nation" has some nice songs (namely atb, art of trance, quicksilver) but then you find out, the supposed "DJ" uses cheap-ass fader to turn 24 totally unrelated songs into a "non-stop-mix". Normally i wouldnt mind, but the transition from one song to another is like worse than the winamp auto-fader plug-in!! at times between two tracks you can actually hear two distinct songs that have like different beats and all, no mixing involved at all! oh no, that would require some skills! we cant have that!

ok shit i forgot what i was going to say. but anyway, my point is, these people have no morals! ####! dont you hate it when you forget why you started a post? x_x
Most DJs are dipshits who think they can spin...I cant, and I dont go around pretending i am a DJ because I have 2 turntables and a hit of X...its sickening...and it gives real DJs a bad rap because thats where most no-talents go...
DJ Clue is probably worse. All he does is let the song end, shout "DJ Clue, Clueminattii, Desert Storm in the House!!!" and then start the next. And then the dipshit yells that shit during the song! That's not DJ-ing, that's being a fucking phony wannabe.
hmm.. i actually like dj clue's remixes. you cant really compare rap/hip-hop dj's like clue/screw/darkchild/etc to electronica dj's like irene/thunderpuss/victor calderone/etc. they are supposed to be different. shouting little stuff at the beginning and end and changing up the beat is his job! i mean i cant imagine someone like thunderpuss or hex hector doing hip-hop remixes and dj clue doing electronica. that would be just wrong!

they belong in whole different genre and should not be mixed together.
Yes, true, they should not be mixed, but I could do DJ Clues job. stops, "DJ FLEABttn, new DMX, ahhhhhhhhh!!!", start song...

I'm not saying the music on the album is bad, I'm just expressing my dislike for Clue.
that fuker dj clue doesnt hardly do shit, a couple of filters maybe, in cheap audio editing progz at that an then shouts some dum ass shit on it....fukin h8 that prick ass no talent hack
here lets slow down the beat, yeah yeah, pan this fileter, yeah yeah...oh shit dude, I just remixed a a fucking DJ!!!
I completely agree with you guys when it comes to the "self proclaimed" Djs that infest the DJ scene. It sucks and I hate remixes!! ####, anyone can do that, let alone those crappy "DJs" in most clubs who just fade in songs....give the great DJs like Q-Bert a bad name.

Luckily I don't waste my time listening to people like that.

Reminds me how much I hate music stations lke KRBE who promote crap like that on the radio.
As far as I see....the referrence is to the crappy mixers out there that claim to be "DJs" based on the fact that they can fade songs together, slow or speed-up the music, and can yell over it all, and how it gives reputable DJs a bad name......such as the ones that can scratch and beat juggle.

Those are the real DJs as far as I can see it. Remixing doesn't require skill...just minor beat counting if you don't want to buy a beat counter....which no one would sense its too easy that you don't need one.

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Some remixing is more than that, but its not usually done by DJs... Kevin Shields does remixes and they dont sound anything like the original.

Pop Quiz, What band is Kevin Shields?
Yeah, I do understand that there is a small amount of good remixers out there, but many in my opinion are awful, most of the ones that I've heard and the ones I see who appear to get good credit for bad work in my opinion again.

I've heard some of Kevin Sheilds' remixes, they're ok, but generally...I don't like most remixes, they never seem to be as good as the original work. But that's just me I suppose.
I like the X-Ecutioners crew:

---Rob Swift---

--Total Eclipse--

--Roc Raida--

--Mista Sinista---

As much as hip hop many people are forgeting the meaning of the word DJ....many people think turntablelizm is screaming over remixed tracks that you made by someone others beats and some extra features.....too bad.
listen to anything with darkchild or so so def

you know they have skills

it;s just that hip-hop djs are different from say, trance or even club dj's

it's just in the matter of interpretation

two djs can take a single song and turn it into two completely different songs

they may be different, but that does not mean one of them is necessarily bad.

in other words, there are good hip hop dj's. its just that hip-hop takes diff skills compared to electronica.
Yeah, hip hop music mixing isn´t comparable to electronic musik in no way. I also dislike those people who think they are Dj's and do only shit.

he he, okay I also call me a "Dj" LOL

But it´s only some fun a mate and me have sometimes in our freetime doing some kind of obscure electronic music. We don´t want to make money with that stuff etc. Just fun.

If you would like to know how our shit sounds go here:

or here

If you like or hate that shit. Let me know.

Maybe we´re only two shameless DeejayZ

Our best tracks you should download is

Children Of the Stars (electronic chillout)

Love Meets Hate dark mindbend mix
Yeah, you can't compare the twp styles, plus there are those small branches within each, hip-hop and electronica, that you'd probably have to toss in order to compare them better, which you still couldn't....that would take forever.

But yeah, those DJs who don't do crap piss me off a lot, I mainly speak of the club Djs I've seen, and trust me, the ones I've seen and talked to don't have a clue on a lot of things, but I can understand that they're try to make an income like anyone else....I just hope they get better and not rely on their title of being a DJ to help make the money for them rather than their skills.

And geez...Sheep64 are you trying to kill me, those two tracks are either long or have high quality, those are some hefty downloads for my measly 56k. BUt I'll let you know what I think once I'm done killing bandwidth on them.

ShinJedah - I saw the X-Ecutioners recently, finally! And yeah they're good, a lot better hearing them in person.

Anyone else have any good music suggestions? I'm dying for some more music to listen to, so what is there that anyone can toss out at all?

Looking forward to some good music.
Oh and Eatpenguin, where did you go exactly in downtown Houston? I mean, is there any particular type of music there up for cheap?

Or is there anything else that's there for cheap, as far as gaming goes? Pirated or not?
the store itself is in little strip-mall type of thing in downtown. i think it's on travis..uh, it's near hcc (altho walking distance by no way). travis and milam are both 1 ways, going opposite direction.. #### im bad at giving directions. there's a cadillac dealership nearby that went out of business few years ago. it's in the part of outskirts of downtown where every other store is like vietnamese noodle place... the neighborhood where every street sign has a vietnamese name too. and i dotn know what the store itself is called because i dont pay attention to that kind of stuff. there's a restaurant called 'pho cong le' and an asian grocery inside the same strip mall type of thing. u know what, i'll find out the name of the store for you.

and, no, nothing game-related. mostly pirated vcd's and asian cd's. (faye wong is the only name i actually recognize because her name translates to "Queen")