shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

Ok, thanks for the help, I think I know what area your talking about. At first I was thinking it was that strip mall place by Kim Son off Scott street. I've onlt hanged around there once, and that was only to eat at Kim Son.

Thanks for the help again.....I just wished there was the possiblility of cheap Anime and games....
i know! there's like no place in houston for anime/import games because the whole anime scene is overhyped by the river oaks/west u buy-'em-all dbz/pokemon crowd. i mean there's that stupid little place in rice village for overpriced manga that specilizes in dragon ball z and a single tiny j-pop store in galleria. if it werent for all the comic book stores (nan's, which is relatively close to my house), i wouldnt know where i'd go! and nan's is mostly D&D with just little corner dedicated to anime's and stuff. x_x i guess that's one thing i hate about houston.

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"and, no, nothing game-related. mostly pirated vcd's and asian cd's. (faye wong is the only name i actually recognize because her name translates to "Queen") "

eatpenguin -> I think most people here don't know alot about Chinese pop stars ect. About game CD's, what is the trouble? Any city with a Chinatown area has at least one Chinese game shop. Just don't buy the display stuff. Most of those original games are high priced just in case inspectors come to check. Just ask for the binder or book. If they don't have the game you want, they can always order it too.
I know what you mean! There's only one place I go to for anime and that would only be Planet Anime. They're pricy, but they have the best selection of anime and models. Its a shame there's no good gaming stores around though.

Yeah, and I learned my lesson from the Galleria, never buy anything from there, last time I paid $35 for a hard to find CD, and then I found it a day later online for $15....

Oh well....I'm at least grateful Houston has good computer shops. But yeah Houston needs more Specialty shops.
Ya, all the display stuff is a high priced joke. You can get the same Chinese HK Game Disk for much cheaper and most come with inserts/manuals. Last time I checked the game Metal Slug with ram was on display for $80+ US but the Chinese disk in the binders was like $10 or less. Add another 15$ if you wanted the ram. I think the last time I saw someone buy some junk on display was when this Caucasian guy came in looking for games. I bet those crooks jacked the price up just for him.