Shenmue III


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Various Japanese news sources over the weekend have published an apparent announcement from Sega’s AM-2 development team, in which Shenmue III is finally confirmed.

From what we have seen, the game will be called Shenmue III: Special Edition, and will feature both Shenmue, Shenmue II and a third instalment of the seminal adventure, all for the price of a single game.

Sounds like it may be multiformat thus giving people who missed the first 2 a chance to play them. Also this would mean transferable save games between the 3 as was originally intended.

I just hope this it all true
Damnit, i hope they don't include all the games in one or i will be mad. I spent a lot of money on 1 and 2. It will probobly help new comers get into shenmue though. But so long 3 is an actual game, then i will be happy.
It probably would be a little much to expect people to pick up a game like this at it's third installment. Having all three makes a lot of sense.
If it's true then you could probably get the cash to buy the set of all three just by selling your DC ones.. Though I'd find them hard to get rid of.

It'd make sense for them to do them multiplatform money-wise I imagine.

If it is exclusive to Xbox, it'll be the thing that makes me go out and buy one.. I've resisted PDO so far. The story has been left to dangle far too long.
what I had heard was that they were going to release 3 with one and two on a disk, or a couple of disks thats what I heard... it will be interesting to see, I would like to see this proprietary to xbox, because then they might water it down to spread it across the crappy system (ps2) gamecube, would be ok. but I would rather it stay exclusive to xbox.. but we will have to see.

If they made it for each systems strengths that wouldnt be a problem. I agree that we dont want a multiformat system in the style of EA's multiformat releases.
I would hate to see it go to the PS2, but GCN and XBox.....would LOVE to see it on. The PS2 is soooo far behind graphic wise I think it would end up takin a bit away from the other titles. The GCN can keep up w/ the box becuase of it's textures and lighting (XBox has shitty textures...most everything looks plastic) but i guess we'll just have to wait and see. I wouldn't be suprised if M$ is offering SEGA millions to keep it on XBox only. but I think last time it kicked sega in the ass.
I doubt Shenmue would work online. I think the site is putting 2 and 2 together and making 100. This also makes me doubt the original article.