Shensonic demo3


Upgraded Version Demo 2.1 -> 3.0


New Things in this Demo version:


1)Second save slot is now available! It easiers the playing...

2)More of the story, Demo3 includes the whole "Disc 1" of Shenmue.

3)You can now use the phones!

4)Inventory has new numbers

5)Slot house and slot machine now available! Yay!

6)Some bugs fixed

7)If you get stuck anywhere, press HOME (this should be an temporary solution to a bug)

8)You can now practise at the parking lot

9)The first screen is a bit better looking

10)Added an mirror to the Liu Barber & Hair Salon

11)Changed the prices of the cassette sets

12)The starting month which is shown in Inventory isnt now January, but December, which is

it in Shenmue

Download it from: